Meet at the Ark at Eight! – Ulrich Hub

meet-at-the-ark-at-eight-ulrich-hub“Somewhere in the world is a place made of ice and snow. Wherever you look, you see only snow and ice and ice and snow and snow and ice. 

If you look more closely, you can see three small figures in the snow and ice. They are standing close together, looking around. Wherever they look, they too can see nothing but ice and snow and snow and ice and ice and snow.”

When three penguins get into an argument and the littlest storms off they expect that to be the end of their friendship, for Penguins can be stubborn little things. However two of the penguins get a visit from a dove, informing them that the end of the world is near and if they want to survive they best meet pairs of the other animals at Noah’s Ark at eight that evening, and don’t be late! While the penguins ponder their plight, and if they were good penguins or bad, if they helped cause the flood and if they should be saved, they take the chance to grab their friend, stick him in a suitcase and meet at the ark, albeit a little late! What comes next is an awful lot of questioning, from penguin and dove alike, and a meeting with a quite apologetic God. Here you will find an odd tale of morals from a perspective you never imagined and three penguins who in reality, may not have deserved their place on Naoh’s Ark, but you can decide that for yourself. 


This is a strange, strange book. Its translated from German and is a humorous, sweet twist on the Noah’s Ark tale from the bible. It is marketed as a children’s book which can be read by adults alike, but in all honesty I think the adults may get more from it as they will understand the humour more and children will probably just enjoy the pictures and the fighting, the moral story could easily be lost on them!

I thought it was a little long winded and I got a little bit bored of the story part way through. It wasn’t as funny as I expected but I think thats because I kinda expected a satirical twist on the Noah’s Ark story and its not that, its a retelling from the point of view of some penguins and it does kinda question the existence of a God and things like that but I wasn’t blown away by the book at all.

I think my favourite part of the book was the illustrations, which were done by Jörg Mühle. They were funny and let through a lot of the personality of the penguins and the dove which I enjoyed. I think they cartoon-y nature of the illustrations helped the story along its path which is why I carried on reading and finished the book as quickly as I did.

At only 66 pages long this isn’t a hefty book by any means and only took a little while to read, it had more written content in than I expected but I got a few laughs out of it and I think it was an interesting read. Like I said I think adults will get more out of it than children will but maybe thats just because I couldn’t think of anything worse than reading about God when I was little (a religious school put me off religion in a big way when I was still very young!) and the big moral questions would have probably bored me more back then than they do now.

Meet at the Ark at Eight! will be published on September 24th by Pushkins Children’s Books. It was translated from German by Helena Ragg-Kirkby and illustrated by Jörg Mühle. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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The Lost and The Found – Cat Clarke

“She knows. She definitely knows. 

I’m not sure how she knows. I’m not stupid enough to keep a diary, and I’m not one of those weirdos who’s all Mum’s-my-best-friend-and-we-tell-each-other-everything. Perhaps its some kind of sixth sense, unique to mothers? 

It’s there in her eyes every time she looks at me. The problem is, I can’t tell how she feels about it. Why can’t that show up in her eyes too? Is she angry? Disappointed? Disapproving? Resigned? A little bit proud?”

The day after Faith loses her virginity is the day her life changes forever, but not in the way she might have thought. Her older sister, the sister her parents have been searching for since she disappeared 13 years ago, has been found. Faith’s life has been dominated by the disappearance of her sister since that summer’s day and now, as she is in the midst of a spell of normalcy, Laurel has returned. As the family welcomes Laurel back into its fold, Faith bears witness to a disturbing series of events which make her feel increasingly isolated and paranoid. What if everything that is lost is never truly found, even when it appears right before your eyes? 


Cat Clarke has been a favourite author of mine since I read her first book, Entangled back in 2011. She writes the perfect mystery books which come with such an element of realism that I can honestly believe that the people in the books could have had their stories mentioned in the newspapers. To say I was looking forward to reading The Lost and The Found was an understatement and as soon as it arrived on my doorstep I knew it would be one of the first books I cracked open as soon as Spike got into a good enough sleeping pattern to allow me some reading time!

Thankfully The Lost and the Found wasn’t a disappointment and I got sucked in, it took me a little longer than it had done with Cat’s other books and I have to say that I think it is possibly my least favourite of her books so far but that just means it was a 4 star book and not a five, it was still brilliant! I loved the idea of this girl coming back to her family after so long and it intrigued me to know what had happened to her and how she had managed to return.

I knew from early on that there was a limited number of outcomes for this book so in all honesty it could be described as slightly predictable. As soon as something was mentioned about Laurel I worked out one of the main plot lines even though it wasn’t properly revealed until right at the end of the book. However I think as a reader you are kinda meant to see it, if not that early on the at least a while before Faith does. Faith is blinded by the fact her sister is back and that allows her to bypass some of Laurel’s strange behaviours but as a reader you definitely see them clearly.

What I loved about this book is the way the story unfolds and how much of that depends on the relationship that quickly builds between Faith and Laurel… As its all told from Faith’s point of view the relationship is actually the key to the whole book. It’s not all about the mystery behind what happened to Laurel and where she has been, its about Faith’s life and how Laurel’s disappearance changed that, how her reappearance will make it u-turn and how the relationship that the sisters soon develop will help them get through the events that have happened and that will happen. There is so much more to this book than a crime/mystery and I honestly think its focus was more about emotions, how they blind you and what people can do when they are tested to the limit.

As usual I was hooked by the realism that Cat brought into this book and I am shocked that Laurel and Faith Logan aren’t real people. I found their story fascinating and I’m certain that other people will too.

The Lost and the Found was published on July 2nd by Quercus books. My copy was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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A HUGE book shout-out and thank you!

While I’ve been hardly blogging recently (and I think you’ll agree I kinda had a valid excuse!) I have been turning down review requests and not putting any orders in really. In the past 2 months I have asked for 1 single book to be sent to me which I was offered and even then I told the publisher straight that I wasn’t really reading much at the minute because of Spike and if they didn’t feel that I was the best person to send that book to then that is understandable. They sent it though and I am EXCEPTIONALLY grateful because I really, really wanted to read it!

However the blog semi-hiatus and reading stoppage hasn’t meant that unsolicited books and books requested prior to my break have stopped coming and I wanted to give a massive, huge shout out about the books I’ve received lately because lets be honest, it might be a while before I get to read them! Also this gives me a chance to thank the publishers who have sent them over, thanks guys!



Left column:

Darcy Burdock, Oh Obviously – Laura Dockrill (June 205, Corgi Children’s Books)

The Lost and The Found – Cat Clarke (July 2015, Quercus Books)

Killer Game – Kirsty McKay (July 2015, Chicken House Books)

The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo – Catherine Johnson (July 2015, Corgi Children’s Books)

The Wolf Wilder – Katherine Rundell (August 2015, Bloomsbury)

The Lie Tree – Frances Hardinge (May 2015, Macmillan Children’s Books)

My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend – Eleanor Wood (June 2015, Macmillan Children’s Books)

Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls – Lynne Weingarten (July 2015, Electric Monkey – I previous had received and read the proof of this book, my review can be read here.)

The Secrets of the Wild Wood – Tonke Dragt (September 2015, Pushkins Children’s Books – unfortunately this is the sequel to a book I don’t own but I may try and locate the previous book.)

Stitch Head: The Beast of Grubbers Nubbin – Guy Bass (June 2015 – Stripes Publishing)

The Almost King – Lucy Saxon (June 2015, Bloomsbury)

Liquidator – Andy Mulligan (June 2015, David Fickling Books)

Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Magical Creatures – Maggie Stiefvater & Jackson Pearce (April 2015, Scholastic)

The Hero’s Tomb – Conrad Mason (July 2015, David Fickling Books)

Right Column:

The Butterfly Shell – Maureen White (August 2015, O’Brien Press)

The Secret of the Blue Glass – Tomiko Inui (January 2016, Pushkin’s Children’s Books)

Meet Me at the Ark at Eight – Ulrich Hub (September 2015, Pushkin’s Children’s Books)

Counting Stars – Keris Stainton (September, Hot Key Books – this was given to me by the author, thanks Keris!)

In Their Shoes – Lucy Arnoux (July 2015, Pushkin Children’s Books)

Being A Girl – Hayley Long (June 2015, Hot Key Books)

To Hold The Bridge – Garth Nix (June 2015, Hot Key Books)

In Another Life – Laura Jarratt (June 2015, Electric Monkey)

Monster – CJ Skuse (October 2015, MiraInk)

Alexander’s Army – Chris D’Lacey (June 2015, Chicken House)

From the Mixed-Up Files of of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler – E.L. Konigsburg (June 2015, Pushkin Children’s Books)

Lorali – Laura Dockrill (July 2015, Hot Key Books)

What Was Never Said – Emma Craigie (May 2015, Short Books)

Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light – Derek Landy (March 2015, Harper Collins)

The Mirror Chronicles: Circles of Stone – Ian Johnstone (July 2015, Harper Collins)

Katy – Jacqueline Wilson (August 2015, Corgi Childrens)

Bunny Vs Monkey (#2) – Jamie Smart (August 2015, David Fickling Books)

Troy Trailblazer – Robert Deas (June 2015, David Fickling Books)

Tales of Fayt: The Crooked Imp – Conrad Mason (April 2015, David Fickling Books)


In addition to al the novels/graphic novels above I have received a selection of picture books. One bundle came through the week after I had Spike as a congratulations from the awesome Emma at Bloomsbury, thank you so, so much Emma!!

picture-books-june-2015Book-O-Masks – Donald Lemke (September 2015, Curious Fox Books)

Dino-Daddy – Mark Sperring & Sam Lloyd (September 2015, Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

More! – Tracey Corderoy & Tim Warnes (July 2015, Little Tiger Press)

Katie McGinty Wants a Pet! – Jenna Harrington & Finn Simpson (August 2015, Little Tiger Press)

The Beastly Pirates – John Kelly (February 2015, Bloomsbury Childrens Books)

I Want My Daddy – Tracey Corderoy (September 2015, Little Tiger Press)

Silly Dizzy Dinosaur – Jack Tickle (June 2015, Little Tiger Press)

Pirates in Pyjamas – Caroline Crowe & Tim Knight (August 2015, Little Tiger Press)

Yikes, Ticklysaurus – Pamela Butchart & Sam Lloyd (January 2014, Bloomsbury Childrens Books)

Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar – Emily MacKenzie (December 2014, Bloomsbury Childrens Books)

Poo in the Zoo – Steve Smallman & Ada Grey (July 2015, Little Tiger Press)

No More Cuddles! – Jane Chapman (July 2015, Little Tiger Press)

All Aboard the Dinosaur Express – Timothy Knapman & Ed Eaves (May 2015, Bloomsbury Childrens Books)


Daddy’s Sandwich – Pip Jones and Laura Hughes

Think of all of your Daddy’s favourite things. Now think of how he would like to see them. This is what one little girl does as she offers to make her Daddy the most perfect sandwich ever. Join her as she searches high and low for the best ingredients and surprises her Daddy! 


I LOVED this book. It was soo sweet and the big bright pictures seemed to capture Spike’s attention while we were reading.

The idea of the book was very sweet. The little girl starts off well with white bread, crusty on the outside, and butter, cheese and tomato. But then the ingredients start getting a little more adventurous with the girl looking high and low across the house to ensure she gets her daddy’s favourite things which aren’t exactly the usual ingredients you’d expect in a sandwich!

I loved how sweet and innocent the little girl came across, she honestly thought that her daddy would love this sandwich and bless her for trying. I love that she goes all the way around the house and then suddenly right at the end realises that theres one most important thing missing which made me laugh a lot.

The illustrations are clean and clear and bright. A lot of the time there were a few select images on a white background and they really do dominate well. I loved the way the girls personality comes across on her little face and how you get to know how she sees her daddy which is lovely. I think my favourite illustration has to be either the one with the Jelly Beans that the little girl declares her own (but they are in a place she can’t quite reach which makes me question that!) or the sandwich pages towards the end where the very nearly finished sandwhich makes the reader turn the whole book around!

This was a hit for me and Spike and I can see that this will be a bedtime book for a long time to come! Even Spike’s Daddy laughed at the book and thought it was very sweet, but I think as Spike gets older he may be reminding her of his more edible favourite things!

Daddy’s Sandwich was published by Faber and Faber on May 7th 2015. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
To buy the book or for more info please visit:  
Amazon | Hive | Goodreads | Author Website | Illustrator Website 

Remix – Non Pratt

“It’s not unusual to wake up to at least two or three messages sent by my best friend during the hours all the normal people use for sleeping – today there are fourteen. 

Should I bother taking wellies with me? Sent at 00.23, which is technically the day we’re leaving for the festival. I’m not surprised – Ruby isn’t so much last minute as last nanosecond. 

Decided against the wellies. They make you sweaty. Sweat foot vs trench foot. 

Not that I’m hoping for trench foot. I just googled it. Gross.

She’s embellished this with a particularly helpful (disturbing) picture of a rotting foot.”

When Kaz and Ruby set off to Remix festival they expect to have the time of their lives. Both are getting over their exes and have a lot going on. Remix was a plan to take their mind off things, and live for the moment. But when you need to take your mind off certain boys and they turn up in the same field as you it’s harder than you think. Tensions are created but it’s not just the boys that Ruby and Kaz have to blame as their friendship is tested to the limits. 


I adored Non Pratt’s first book and had high expectations for Remix. It involves boys, best friends and bands, some of the things I love the most. Thankfully Remix didn’t disappoint and I was sucked into the festival atmosphere very quickly!

The story of Remix is told from alternating perspectives with Ruby and Kaz both telling their story. This really helped in the grand scheme of things because it gave both sides of the story and you saw where they were both going wrong and how to be perfectly honest, they were their own worst enemies! I loved the idea of the story before I read it and while it was a little slow to take off for me I did end up really enjoying see the characters grow.

I think the characters, and most specifically Ruby, are easy to dislike at first. Ruby seems very nonchalant and has too much of a ‘I don’t give a shit attitude’ but you soon realise that really she’s as worried about everything as everyone else is and I actually really related to her. In fact I’m kinda worried that Non Pratt stole the diary I kept as a 16 year old because it’s scary how alike me and Ruby were!

I did really enjoy Remix, Non Pratt has continued writing in a very relatable way with an honest view towards sex. I thought the beginning of the book was a little tiny bit slow and it took me a while to really sink my teeth into Remix but I did really enjoy it. I hoped there would be more of a reaction to one thing that happened but I think all of the characters were where I wanted them to be by the end of the book.

Remix was published by Walker Books on June 4th 2015. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
To buy the book or for more info please visit:  
Amazon | Hive | Goodreads | Author Website

Guess How Much I Love You – Sam McBratney & Anita Jeram

I don’t know what was read to me as a child but I’m fairly certain that there were books that were definitely missing from my collection. Guess How Much I love You is one such book. I would have been six when it came out and yes it wasn’t as huge and successful as it is now straight away but my mum or dad should have known that it was needed in my life!

When I found out I had my own Little Nutbrown Hare on the way I wanted to make sure I had the classic picture books from my childhood and others that I’d heard about since in her library. Guess How Much I Love You was not only bought for this purpose but also to make for a brilliant prop in one of my maternity photoshoot pictures!

Having utilised it at the photoshoot I chose one particularly rubbish Sunday afternoon when Spike wouldn’t settle to crack the spine and read this book for the first time. She wasn’t particularly interested because lets face it at three weeks old she cant see the awesome pictures but I think she enjoyed listening to my voice while I read it. It settled her quickly and she was almost asleep by the end of it!

As for me I really enjoyed my first read of this book. I knew it was considered something special and from the merchandise I knew that it had something to do with the moon by the end but I didn’t know at all what the story was and I loved sharing the first read of it with my little girl who I do love so much.

I can understand why this book has become such a huge success and I know its one that will be well worn by the time Spike starts school. I’m glad I bought it in a board book format so the pages wont get as ruined!!

Guess How Much I Love You was published by Walker Books in 1994. My copy was purchased online..
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What’s been happening with Readaraptor

spike-readaraptorSo as you will have noticed Readaraptor has been a bit quiet lately. Many readers who follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram will know why this is but I just wanted to share a quick post about whats been happening and why I haven’t been around.

Obviously I made an announcement last November in my ‘No Books Allowed’ post that I was expecting a mini Readaraptor. Spike decided she would be ridiculously late so I got a fair bit of reading in while I was on maternity leave waiting for her but not as much as I wanted because I was so tired. I managed some reviews in the run up to Spike’s arrival but none to be scheduled once she arrived!

The last review that went up was actually on the day I went into hospital to be induced. Spike arrived two days later (more of that will be coming on my parenting blog, if you are interested in that!) and although I read a little in the hospital, I didn’t get any decent reading done. Since then (which was 7 weeks ago now) I’ve only managed to read two books. One of them was “Guess how much I love You” which I read to Spike and the other was Non Pratt’s Remix which I only read this week. Reviews of those will be coming soon and I am hoping now that Spike is kind of settled into more of a routine and I’ve gotten used to living on the minimal sleep I get, that I will be reading more now.

From now on I will be aiming for a post once every two weeks and at the end of this month I will be posting about the book I’ve received in the lull and saying a huge thank you to the publishers. If I don’t manage the one post every two weeks though I hope that some readers will still come back to read what I do manage to post and I thank all of you for reading this and my blog in general.

The Tales of Beedle The Bard – JK Rowling

The Tales of Beedle The Bard - JK RowlingOver the years the Tales of Beedle the Bard have been told to children across the wizarding world. In this collection Hermione Grainger has translated the original tales from their runes into modern english for mugs and wizards alike to enjoy. Accompanied by notes about each story found in Albus Dumbledores collection of scholarly artefacts following his death, the tales are elaborated on, the morals within them mused about and little snippet of information at Hogwarts revealed. 


It is time I actually confess that regardless of the fact I’ve been a huge harry potter fan for years, my collection of The Tales of Beedle the Bard – the original release of the book, in hardback form which Bloomsbury released in 2008 and I bought straight away – has gone unread. I’m not quite sure why I never opened the collection, I knew I wanted to read them and I knew that it contained the story of The Three Brothers which is mentioned within the Harry Potter books, but I just never got round to it, until now.

Thankfully in my bid to take my mind off the fact that I still (after 10 days past my due date) don’t have a child to read bedtime stories to, I decided I needed a Harry Potter world fix. I knew it would capture me in the way I needed to be captured but none of the novels were jumping out at me, so I decided to read the ‘Tales’. I am so glad I did because I immediately apparated back into the world and found myself loving the stories, Dumbledore’s notes and JK Rowling’s footnotes. In addition there are illustrations that JK Rowling has drawn and added to the collection which brought the stories to life and I found them to be fantastic accompaniments to the stories themselves.

There are five stories within the Tales of Beedle the Bard collection and whilst The Three Brothers will be the most well known because of the Deathly Hallows novel, I think I found a favourite in Babbitty Rabbity and her Cackling Stump. Each of the stories have strong moral lessons within them, very much like the ‘muggle’ fairytales I was aware of when I was a little kid, and I loved that about them because of the idea created that wizard kids and muggle kids aren’t all that different after all. I loved Babbitty Rabbitty because of its moral story and because of the old washerwoman and her ways.

The notes from Dumbledore are brilliant too because they reminded me about how these stories fit into the world of Harry Potter as we know and love it from the novels, revealing little insider information about Hogwarts and the arguments that come up surrounding the purity of wizard blood. They provided a bit of background to JK Rowling’s literary universe that you wont get without scrolling through the thousands of hours worth of pages in Pottermore, and reminded me just how much work she must have put in to creating the world that so many people now love.

I am sad that I left it so long to read these stories and I will definitely not make that mistake again. In addition to this edition of the collection I have the ‘Hogwarts Library’ containing a second edition of this book, Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them which have also been left unread for far too long. With the Fantastic Beats movie due out next year I was planning on reading that at some point anyway but now I think I’ll be reading it sooner!

The Tales of Beedle the Bard was first published in 2008 by Bloomsbury in conjunction with The Children’s High Level Group.
To buy the book or for more info please visit:  
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Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls – Lynn Weingarten

Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls - Lynn Weingarten “I’d forgotten what it was like to be that alone. 

For the ten days of winter break, I drove. I made my way past the crumbling houses in my neighbourhood, the mansions a few miles away, out toward the hills and then back again through stretches of cold, flat land. Up and down the Schuylkill River and up and down the Delaware. I cranked the radio and sang loud. I needed to hear a live human voice, and I was my own best hope.”

When June hears that her ex-best friend, Delia, has killed herself by setting fire to her stepfathers shed something doesn’t feel right. Especially as Delia tried to call her just before it happens, and the Delia she knew wasn’t likely to chose that method of suicide. Things really heat up for June when she discovers that Delia’s boyfriend, Jeramiah, thinks theres something not right too. June is determined to find out the truth, but some learns that it is more complicated that she could ever have imagined. 


I love dark YA books…. and I love it more when they really catch me off guard like Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls did.

This book was actually mindblowing, but not until it needed to be. I thought I knew exactly where it was going for about a third of the way through it. I thought I knew what the twist would be and how things would turn out. I was COMPLETELY wrong. It went off in a direction I didn’t expect at all, but I loved, and then continued to surprise me until the very last page.

I really would love to write this review without spoiling anything but its pretty much impossible so stop reading now if you don’t want to know anything. I am not going to actually discuss any of the plot but I am going to share my feelings upon completing the book and that means I will talk about the ending… not what happens but it might be more than you want to know… just a warning.

There is something frustrating about ambiguous endings to books for some people. I’ve often had discussions with other readers and I have found they are like marmite – you either love them or you hate them. I love them, however I don’t think I’ve ever come across one that blew me away more than this book did. I was let unsure whether the ending was fantastic, or just completely messed-up and I am happy to say now I’ve had time to process it, that I think it was fantastic. I loved what the author did and I loved how it blew me away.

I  think this book was let down by its length to be honest and I have seen other reviews which suggest that it could have done without the flashback chapters it contains… to be honest I agree, I think those chapters could have been delivered in other ways and not as many of the flashbacks were needed to completely understand June and Delia’s relationship. I think without them the book would have been shorter and to be honest it would have grabbed me a lot sooner than it did. With them it wasn’t until about half way through the book that I was moved to not wanting to put it down and begging to find out what happened next.

I would definitely recommend this book, though it is dark and covers some ‘older YA’ topics. Its quite graphic when it comes to sex, which I don’t have a problem with but I know some people do, and it contains more than a few swears , but lets face it, that all probably made me love it more!

Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls will be released on July 2nd by Electric Monkey. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
To buy the book or for more info please visit:  
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Shut Out – Kody Keplinger

Shut Out - Kody Keplinger “There is nothing more humiliating than being topless in the backseat of your boyfriend’s car when someone decides to throw an egg at the windshield. 

Wait. Scratch that. 

Having your boyfriend jump off you, climb out of the car and chase after the guy, completely forgetting that you’re still half-naked – that trumps it.”

Lissa is sick of the rivalry that is rife between the football players and the soccer players at Hamilton High. She is sick of being forgotten by boyfriend Randy whenever theres a scheme in play between the teams and all the girlfriends want it to stop. So Lissa rallies them together and calls for a sex strike. The boys don’t get any action until the two teams make their peace; what none of them expect is the girls-against-boys rivalry that then picks up pace, and Lissa herself finds it harder to compete than she ever expected to. 


This was my third Kody Keplinger, having read and loved both The Duff and A Midsummer’s Nightmare. Unfortunately, it was also my least favourite, taking me forever to read and really not hitting any of the high points that the other books did.

The book really actually annoyed me so this review will be short and not so sweet I’m afraid. I disliked the main character, hated her boyfriend, didn’t like the love-triangle and thought that whilst the story did a brilliant job of showing the differing attitudes towards sex and making a point of the fact that people shouldn’t be made fun of for the way they approach sex, it really didn’t hit the nail on the head as much as I had hoped.

I am a massive fan of people having their own approach to sex. I think its ridiculous that a girl is called a whore or slut for sleeping with, or even flirting with, a lot of guys  – especially as its never the same for guys who do the same to lots of girls. And that really stuck out in this book so I liked that. But it didn’t go far enough. All the girls kind of realised that it wasn’t right to take the piss out of others for their approach to sex and found out that really it isn’t as big a deal as they think it is if their opinion is different to others’ but it was then kinda forgotten about and I got bored with the story unfortunately.

I think the only character I actually liked the Lissa’s best friend Chloe because she was the one who I identified with the most, but even then I didn’t love her and all the other character just kinda bugged me. I very much doubt this will be on my recommendation pile at any point in the future but it hasn’t put me off the author and I’m hoping the next book I read by her will grab me like the other two did.

Shut Out was published by Hodder Children’s Books in June 2014. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
To buy the book or for more info please visit:  
Amazon | Hive | Goodreads | Author Website
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