18 Months on…An update on my not-so baby

18-months-baby-update-readaraptor-hatchlingMy little Spike actually turned 19 months old last week. But this post will be about everything special about her during December and since she turned 18 months old.

I never thought it was possible to love someone as much as I do my Spike. Since she was born that love has grown from day to day but I think over the last month its growing stronger. Since she turned 18 months old in November I have seen such a change in her. She really is no longer a baby, she’s a toddler now, and you can tell.

There are good things and and with this. The good come in many forms but the bad mainly comes in the form of tantrums. She now has full blown meltdowns for the littlest of things. These include me asking her not to run around with pencil crayons or put her fingers in her mouth after she’s just touched her dirty nappy. There have also been tantrums about food disappearing (into her mouth no less) and her not liking the food I give her despite her eating it the day before. Being 18 months old is hard. Being the parent of an 18 month old? Even harder.

The good things though are incredible. The change has mainly come in Spike’s speech – something I have written about before. She was a late talker and still says very little compared to some 18 month olds. I noticed just before Christmas Day though that she was pretty much saying one new word a day and that trend continued after Christmas too. These new words have included Yay, Ow, Pop Pops (what we call her Grandad), Row Row (as in Row, row, row your boat) and Bot Bot (Robot). She’s also trying to make more animal noises than ever with pig, monkey, cat and dog noises an every day occurrence. Her sentence structure is coming along too and if asked where something is she replies with ‘over there’ or ‘in here’.

She mainly answers in one word, yes’s or no’s still. But this means I can actually have a bit of a conversation with her now by asking yes/no questions about her day. I was asking her if she loved people the other week and listing them with her saying yes to them all.  I asked about her Auntie Kelly (Who had just been down for a weekend) She said “Yes” then looked around and went “Gone!” because she’d not long left. Absolutely adorable!

Its not just her speech coming on though. Her mannerisms are developing and she’s expressing more through gestures than ever before. She has also started to look more like a toddler too. She has grown slightly so I’ve had to put her into 18-24 month tops (dresses and leggings are still generally 12-18 months). This has meant she’s been in some lovely outfits over the last few weeks, especially on non-nursery days. Though a lot of them looked like ‘little older people’ outfits rather than ‘baby’ outfits. Its made me nostalgic for the baby grow days of old!

eating-chocolate-18-months-old-readaraptor-hatchlingThe Christmas period meant that she was being spoilt left right and centre by grandparents and aunties and uncles. So the mouth full of chocolate didn’t help with the looking older thing – see picture! Her hair has grown loads so I keep putting it up and again, its made her look more grown up. Basically every time I look at her I think she may as well be 18 years not months. Let’s face it, she’s gunna be there sooner than I think!

Its scary to think that I’m actually watching her grow. There will be times in the future where she goes from once stage to the next in a blink of an eye and I won’t even see it coming. But this stage in her life is amazing. Of course there has been a lot of development over the last year. But right now I can see the changes in her from one day to the next. It makes me so proud and so happy that I’ve helped create her.

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