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A date with a difference to celebrate our anniversary – an afternoon at Whistle Punks Axe Throwing

Last month T and I celebrated a huge 10 years together. We aren’t the romantic type, so we don’t celebrate with gifts and things. However that milestone did seem a big one so we decided to have a day date at Whistle Punks Axe Throwing in Manchester.

Buckt box activity 

The axe throwing was part of our January Buckt Box subscription. I knew as soon as I saw it in the booklet that it would make an awesome day date activity. We booked on quickly and easily through the Buckt website and with a quick message back we were confirmed. 

Whistle Punks Axe Throwing Manchester

Whistle Punks is in the Great Northern Warehouse just off Deansgate in Manchester. It’s an area we know well due to the amazing shops, restaurants and museums nearby. We booked on to the 11am slot and arrived just before our session as requested. 

Warming up for the session 

Once we’d arrived, and signed our waiver, we took to the waiting area to enjoy a range of warm up activities. These activities are designed to help train your hand eye coordination- a skill you surely need for axe throwing! I enjoyed playing the huge wooden ball  maze puzzle which I whooped T’s butt on, and the hoop throwing the most! 

Whistle Punks hall of fame

I noticed while we were waiting for our session that there were lots of plaques on the wall showing off high scores of people. I assumed these were regulars who came a lot. However, during the session we were told anyone scoring over 50 points would make it onto the hall of fame! This made me so happy, knowing that even after 1 trip you could be celebrated! 

Our axe throwing session 

At Whistle Punks you are given a session  and compete against the other people on that session. I believe there were around 12 people in our session. We were split up to learn the ropes from two great instructors. We had one round of training from Dan, then we swapped and did a round with another instructor, who I didn’t catch the name of. Dan later told us the reason they do this is to teach a different technique. Different people, including instructors, have different throwing styles, which I thought was really interesting. 

Two handed and single handed axe throwing techniques 

We were taught two moves, the two handed throw and the single hand throw. Once we’d ‘mastered’ these we were free to practise using whichever throw we preferred until our tournament started. Nearly everyone was there in pairs which worked well as the instructors took 2 people from the group to practise with, then they moved around. This meant a bit of waiting around. However, with a group as fun as ours was it wasn’t a problem as you get to see everyone else practising. 

Our Whistle Punks tournament

Once everyone had been taught their throws Dan took over the group to start our tournament. This took place in a single lane, with 2 people at once going up. At first we played against our partners who we were visiting with. I beat T (naturally) in all the practise runs but messed up the tournament annoyingly. Following that Dan swapped up the pairings a little until a winner was found. 

The corner dot 

The axe throwing target at Whistle Punks is made up of a target like you would expect, with a bullseye in the middle. Plus two corner dots. Apparently hitting these is almost impossible and few people manage it. If you do hit it you are awarded a huge 7 points! During our game one of the group hit the corner dot and there was a great cheer for her! She also got to ring the lane bell as way of celebration! Definitely head for that dot if you are feeling confident! 

Photo session
Raimy and T at Whistlepunks doing their best Viking roar impression

After our tournament, we took to the lane for Dan to take a few action shots of us. Pretending to threaten each other with the axes was fun! As was unleashed by Viking roar! Dan was a fantastic instructor through the whole session too, props to him!

90 minutes well spent 

The whole session lasted around 90 minutes but it didn’t feel like that long at all. I really enjoyed myself and wanted to sign up there and then for another session! T enjoyed it but not as much so I think I might have to get the girls together for an anger relief session at some point and go again! It’s definitely on the list of great child free days out in Manchester for me! 

Drinks and relaxation 

To make the most of having a baby sitter we headed away from Whistle Punks and their amazing smelling hot chocolate and to the Brew Dog nearby, following that we mooched round the shops, ate at the amazing Almost Famous and grabbed cakes for desert. It was the best day date I’ve had in a long time and I would definitely recommend for you and your partner, or for a day out with your friends away from the kids…

Disclosure: I was gifted by Buckt Box subscription in exchange for a review of its contents and activities within it. All opinions are my own.