A Letter to Spike on International Women’s Day
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A letter to Spike on International Women’s Day

Dear Spike

I want you to be whoever you want to be. I want you to believe that anything is possible. And I want you to know that sparkles don’t have to be pretty, just because you are a girl. Plus, boys can like sparkles too. 

At the moment when you are asked what you want to be when you are older you tell me ‘a mummy doctor.’ And that makes me so proud. I thing that you want to be a mummy because you love me and look up to me. That brings me so much joy. And the fact you want to be a doctor is perfect, because you are so kind and always want to help people. 

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women everywhere. To celebrate the power that women have to change the world. The power you have as a girl, to grow and help shape things is amazing. And although I wish you could get over the crippling shyness you so often have when it comes to meeting new people and being in new situations, I know you will grow and use that power. 

Women are equal to men. Every human being has the right to be whoever they want to be. Despite your race, gender or sexual orientation; you should be able to do what you want (as long as that doesn’t hurt anyone else) and be treated the same as everyone else. 

You are growing up to be an amazing young girl. You are learning so much at school and asking so many questions. Questions I cant always answer but I will always try. Your teachers tell us that you are so assertive despite your quiet appearance and when you are set a task in a group you become the leader of that group. Nothing could make me prouder than hearing that. 

The world has a long way to go before everyone is treated equally. And I know some things you hear make you assume things that I don’t want you to assume. Like certain things are ‘for boys’ or that ‘girls’ can only like other things, or that people shouldn’t do certain things because its against the normal. It upsets me a lot when I hear you saying you don’t like space, superheroes and dinosaurs because you have been told they are ‘boy things’ when in actual fact you do. But I hope that you are taking it in when I explain that not everything is as black and white as that – you seem to be, slowly. I wish you didn’t grow up in a world where other people seem to think that stereotyping is ok. But unfortunately we do. Please just try and remember to be you and be true to the things you love. You will go far being you, and treating everyone else the same regardless of who they are too. 

You are the kindest, yet most strong willed girl I know and I hope you carry on being that way. Thankfully we have days like International Women’s Day to celebrate more women just like you, and celebrate we will. Already this week you made me super proud by going to two quite feminist books first when asked to pick out your favourite books to take to school (The Girls by Lauren Ace and Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls.) and I’m certain that you’ll continue making me proud. Thank you for being yet another awesome female in my life and thought I want you to stay my tiny baby forever – I can’t wait to see the amazing woman you grow up to be.

Love Mummy.