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A Letter to Spike – on your 5th Birthday

Dear Spike,

Well this year’s birthday is a little different isn’t it? Yesterday we went for a socially distanced walk with Auntie K. At some point today or tomorrow, Grandma is driving up to drop your presents off at the end of the drive. Your birthday will be mostly celebrated with mummy and daddy at home. There are no fun days out. No birthday parties and no friends to have over for tea.

Your past 12 months

This year couldn’t be more different from the last 4. But we’ll make the most of it and you’ll end the day with a smile on your face just like you usually do. Because this year, you have learnt to adjust.
This last year has been one full of change. We moved house, you started school and you have made new friends while missing so many old ones. Now that coronavirus has thrown up another major change, it’s showed us how adaptable you are.
This year has also thrown us a lot of curveballs in terms of your behaviour though. You are one feisty girl, who is determined to get her own way at any cost. There has been more time outs than ever before in the past year and I’m sure there will be more to come. But you are definitely learning the leadership skills that will get you so far.

Changes in you since your last birthday

Over the past few months I’ve noticed just how much you absorb from the world around you and its made you so smart. We’re getting there with teaching you how to ride a bike, you’re reading independently and you continue to surprise me every day with your vivid imagination and questions which are often higher than my own intelligence level!
I can’t wait to see what your next year brings. Once you are back at school I have a feeling you are going to flourish even more. You love to learn and you love to know everything you can about everything and everyone. With new friendships to build on I’m certain we’ll see more playdates and maybe even sleepovers if you have your way!

Your favourite things right now

At the minute your favourite thing to watch is Sheriff Callie, Charlie and Lola and Numberblocks. You also love Butterbeans Cafe, Vamperina and Doc McStuffins. But you won’t say no to watching Gravity Falls, anything Star Wars related and wrestling with daddy. I can nearly always get you to join me for a documentary about anything wildlife related too. I love seeing your choices when it comes to films and TV Shows because you always surprise me.
Swimming lessons had to stop because of the silly ‘Nasty Bug’ that’s going around but you keep asking when they are returning and I promise they will! You also keep asking to go to a dance or hoop class so you can be just like me and that makes me so honoured. Please know that I will do my best to send you when this is all over.

Making us smile…

My favourite thing that you have started to do recently is playing air guitar and demanding that mummy and daddy join in with the drubs and keyboard. Never stop making us laugh because we need It.
You are a smart, funny and beautiful. You make me smile every single day. Even on the days I’m grumpy and shout. I hope I make your birthday as special as you deserve it.

Now, lets go eat some cake.