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A Relaxing Spa Break in the Lakes – Beech Hill Hotel Review

Back in January we went on a break to the Lakes to celebrate T’s 40th Brithday. He wasnt actually 40 until the begining of Feb, but doing it the week before meant we could get someone to move in to ours, taking Spike to school and relax in the knowledge that everything was fine at home.

Of course, its a good job we ended up going early. Because two days after we got home, Spike got covid. And the three of us went down one after the other! If we’d have booked it for T’s birthday, we wouldn’t have been able to go at all!

What to do on a mid-week January break in the Lake District?

We booked Monday & Tuesday off work, and set about thinking of what we could get up to in the lake district. We knew we wanted to go walking, but what else? Of course in January there isnt much you can do, so we figured we’d try and find a spa hotel to stay at and make use of its facilities while we were there. We knew we wanted to walk our first proper wainwright – Old Man of Coniston – so a hotel near Windermere made sense. Which is how we came to find Beech Hill Hotel

The Communal Lounge area at Beech Hill Hotel

Beech Hill Hotel

Beech Hill Hotel is on the way from Newby Bridge up to Windermere, set at the side of the main road, we’d driven past it a number of times when visiting the Lakes before. But never stayed, until now. As its so close to the edge of Windermere, and on a sloping embankment, the majority of rooms and communal areas appear to be situated at the back of the hotel. It looks tiny from the front but it very surprising once you get round the back and I was shocked when we entered the car park. You can opt for a lake view room, paying a little extra for the privalidge, or hope you get one without paying the fee. We opted for the Classic Lake View room, which was one of the lowest price options, and paid around £120 per night (obviously this will be more in peak seasons). This included continental breakfast for the two mornings we were there. To access the Spa during your stay at Beech Hill you are required to pay an additional £17 per person on top of your room rate, which we did. We could have added extras such as a cooked breakfast, afternoon tea at the spa, evening meals and flowers or champange in the room, that kind of thing.

Our Bedroom in Beech Hill hotel

Our Room

Now, when you look on the Beech Hill Hotel website for a Classic room, you will see they are a small, en suite room which would have done us fine… They are also not at all what we ended up staying in. I beleive, but I am unsure as I never asked, we got an upgrade on our room. The Classic was meant to have the basics; double bed, wardrobe, en-suite with shower, window with a view. We got a large room, with a super king size bed, sofa, garden terrace and an ensuite with a shower and separate jacuzzi bath. It was incredible. From our room we overlooked one of the hot tubs at the spa, a garden and the lake views were simply stunning- even if it was foggy and misty for the majority of our stay! We totally got the best value for money and I am so greatful for Beech Hill for the upgrade as it made T’s birthday break so much more special.

The Lakeview Spa at Beech Hill

The £17 per person to include spa access seemed like a lot to me at the time of booking. I didnt think it would be worth it as I honestly thought that I wouldnt enjoy the spa as much as other people do. Having never relaxed at a spa before I wondered how we would fill our day with what semed like so little to do. The Lakeview spa features a 40ft indoor pool, steam room, Himalyian sauna, two outside spa pools and treatment rooms where you can have massages, facials, pedicures and more. We went early afternoon, with a massage booked and honestly, by 4:30pm I didnt want the afternoon to be over. I loved it so much. I thought the outside pools would be ridiculous to get in during January but in actualy fact they felt amazing. We went in both, one before our massage and the other after. You could request drinks from the reception desk to enjoy while in the spa and a couple who joined us in one of the spa pools had processco, but I opted for a koperburg like the classsy lady I am. We went in the steam room after our massage, then the sauna, then relaxed by the indoor pool reading before having a swim. It was bliss and because it was such an off-peak time, there was hardly anyone around!

Raimy relaxing in the hot tub at Beech Hill Hotel in Windermere

A Relaxing Couples Massge

The massage we had was a couples massage in the couples treatment room, which is just one of the three rooms in the Spa. The two women who gave us our massage were really lovely. The first took us through our forms, checked our medical history and explained our options for our massage. She asked if it was our first time (which it was) and talked us through how firm the massage should probably be, reminding us that at any time if it was hurting or felt uncomfortable we could let them know. The one thing I was really worried about was removing my glasses as I cannot see a thing when I do, and I thought that might be a problem, but it wasnt at all. The woman who gave me my treatment explained exactly where she put them so I could reach for them at any time then I was encouraged to relax and close my eyes. The massage was bliss and in all honesty made me want to go for one all the time! I will definitely be treating myself to one more often. And the women who carried it out were brilliant too!

The Food at Beech Hill Hotel

We only had breakfast at Beech Hill Hotel but the food was really excellent. We had to book a time slot to arrive at the restaurant, which we booked different times on the two days because the second day we left to come back to work for 9am. The continental breakfast was a buffet with everything you could imagine from boxes of cereal, to a selection of meats and cheeses, bread rolls, fruit salads, toast and even a pancake machine with various toppings. There were two hot drinks machines for differnt coffees and hot water tanks for teas, of which there wer many bags to chose from! There was also fresh orange and apple juice and water to drink. I loved the pancakes and wished I had time for some more on the second day but we had to leave for work! You had the option to add some cooked meals to your breakfast when you sat down at the table, so didnt have to book this as an extra at the time of booking which I found good. I didn’t check the menu for the evening meals but if the food for the morning was anything to go off it would have been great!

Pancakes for Breakfast overlooking Lake Windermere

Enjoying Bowness, Windermere and the surrounding areas

As I said, we walked Old Man of Coniston the first day of our break and didnt get frowned upon when we arrived covered in mud and sweaty from our walk thankfully! So I recommend enjoying some of the great walks up there if you are going to go. On the morning of the second day we went into Windermere, but as it was off-peak so much was shut. We ate out in both nights we stayed, the first going to a pub called The Flying Pig in Bowness then to The Albert over the road for some drinks before heading back to the hotel. Then the second night we headed up to the top end of Windermere and went to a tiny chinese called Golden Mountain which we really enjoyed too.

We got to Windermere a lot, especially for walks and things like that, so it really wasnt far to go for a break away but thanks to the stunning luxury of Beech Hill Hotel and the abilty to just relax and not have to be back for bedtime or tea time, we felt like we were a million miles from home!