Adding a personal touch using a wall sticker

Spike’s room is the only room in the house that we have done anything with. As we live in a rented house, we have to refrain from decorating too much. It’s got a few canvas’ on two of the walls and a large wall sticker up on another. I wanted more for it and was offered the chance to add to it by Love Sticker UK in the form of a wall sticker.

I love wall stickers as they give us the chance to give our house a personal touch without decorating. They peal off easily so when we leave we can just take them off and away we go. The amazing Love Sticker UK one I chose goes perfectly with Spike’s room as it has stars and features a quote from Albus Dumbledore! Spike already has two Dumbledore quotes in her room, which is has a star and cloud theme. However, this one about dreaming is perfect for the space right above her cot. Love at first sight, I knew it was the one as soon as I saw it!

Spike’s room isn’t exactly tiny so I went for the large wall sticker. We stuck it up and to be honest, we could have easily gone for the extra large. It takes up a chunk of the wall but there is plenty more room around it. However the chunk it fills it above the end of her cot which works well.

The sticker arrived and looked pretty straight forward to stick on… the instructions were a little blurry which was a disappointment as I had to guess how to complete step 3 but I worked it out and got to work. I had to shout T to help though as it definitely wasn’t a one man job! Once he was around we started to peel the backing off to find that the smaller parts of the quote were sticking to the backing paper. It took a while but we finally got there and got the backing paper off. I stuck down the front sticky paper and started to peel that away. This should have just come away nicely to reveal the sticker, but it took a little while to come away properly.

It took a while but we got there in the end and the sticker looked great. The colours are bold and the sticker has taken to the wall well. I have put it above a radiator partially and I am a little worried about that later in the year but it should be fine. I love the little touch it adds to her room and Spike’s response when she saw it was priceless. Her little ‘ooooh!” made the hard work worth it!

The quality and the size of the sticker is impressive for it’s price. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who loves pop culture and is looking to add a splash of that to their house. I bet there are a lot of stickers on there that my 9 year old nephew would love too!


*Disclaimer: I received the wall sticker in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own*