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Everyone needs a little affection

spike_blowing_kisses_readaraptor_hatchlingSo something happened the other day that actually made my heart melt.

Me and T were in the living room, him by the kitchen door and me on the sofa. Spike was between us, in the middle of the living room floor and playing with her toys. We were just talking, probably about her, and all of a sudden she jumped up. She ran to me, gave me a massive hug around my legs, then ran to T, who was crouched down, and gave him a hug and a kiss on his arm. She then just turned and went back to her toys.

She has also just learnt how to blow kisses which is adorable. And answers questions with a shake of the head or a nod. Although I don’t know if she actually really knows what I mean half the time, its still so cute when she does it!

All of these things combined mean that we actually get a bit of affection from our little bundle of madness now. I know that these things obviously are just a normal part of a childs development but I’ve never experienced it first hand and its amazing. To know that she has picked that up from us and the way we have brought her up is heartwarming because it makes me think that I’m doing something right…

Of course the biting and the hair pulling she’s also doing at the minute isn’t as nice. I am really hoping we can work through that quickly but nothing really seems to be working. In fact I think she actually believes she’s being affectionate when she’s pulling my hair and smiles about it. Its getting quite upsetting to be honest but I know that she does love us still and its nothing vindictive but I still wish it would stop.

Have you ever had any issues with children biting? I would love to know what you did about it – I don’t think she’s going to do it to anyone else but it’s upsetting when she does it to us!