Blog title graphic with two images, first image is Kato the Alpaca looking out over the Lake District, second picture is Raimy, a 32 year old woman with purple hair and glasses, with Kato on my alpaca walk
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Taking Kato and Dougal for a walk – Our morning alpaca walk with Alpacaly Ever After

Me and T prefer to get each other birthday gifts that are experiences rather than material goods. It fits in with the more minimalist lifestyle we’re hoping to create. Meaning that theres less gathering dust around the house. We’re still waiting (two years on) for my hot air balloon ride that he got me for my 30th, but never mind! This years gift was the amazing experience of an Alpaca walk in the Lake District with Alpacaly Ever After and I managed to get that one booked in quick!

Alpacaly Ever After’s options

Alpacaly Ever After is an awesome company that rehouses alpacas, and a few llamas I believe. They provide a safe and loving environment for them on the edge of Whinlatter Forest in Keswick, making them a perfect option if you fancy a fun day out during your lake district adventures! They also provide Alpaca walk experiences from the nearby Lingholm Estate and The Lakes Distillery, and Llama treks up the Catbells.

Gift buying from Alpacaly Ever After

T had to choose from a few options when he bought me a voucher, he could have booked me onto an event at any of the locations or bought me a voucher. He went for the voucher. Mainly because he didn’t want to come with me, so it allowed me to find a date to suit me and my sister who I had to drag along… not! She couldn’t wait to join me. He also could have got me a private walking session voucher, allowing just me and Kel to walk with the guide and our alpacas. He opted for a mixed group alpaca walk voucher which was fine by me.

Our Alpaca experience

Me and Kel decided on a mixed walk starting at 9:30 on a Saturday morning. It meant an early start but we knew it would be worth it. The mixed walks are with a group of 8 people, but all social distancing measures were in place so we felt safe. The guide met us at the Osprey statue near the car park and we followed them down to the Alpaca field to meet your beautiful companions for the morning.

Kato and Dougal – best bromance going

The pair that me and Kel got were the cutest. Kato, my alpaca, was in love with Dougal and it showed, he just wanted to be with him. They were the softest and cuddliest things and as we started walking I felt I got a good alpaca! Ruby, our tour guide was awesome and told us so much about alpacas that I didn’t know. I loved hearing it all, especially that they apparently used the noises made by alpacas when fighting to create the noise of the dinosaurs in Jurassic World!

Our Whinlatter Forest alpaca walk

We took the alpaca for a walk up to a gorgeous viewing point overlooking Derwentwater and then back down to the fields where they live. They seemed to love going for a walk and I enjoyed seeing the beautiful forest just as it was starting to change colour. At the viewing point we got some alpaca treats to feed them that they loved and we got to take lots of photos and fuss over them. The walk was obviously up hills but the paths we stuck too were easy to navigate and there wasn’t any real trekking to them.

Back at the alpaca fields

Once we got back we got some alpaca food to feed to our alpacas and the others in the fields where we were. There was about 10 alpacas surrounding me at one point but they were so cute and friendly that I loved it. All in all the alpaca walk and everything took around 2 hours which for £35 per person wasn’t a bad deal. There were definitely some cherished memories made and I loved seeing the alpacas up close. It didn’t do anything for my want of one – other than teach me that I’ll have to get two as they are very lonely creatures.

The rest of our day

The great thing about Whinlatter is that its huge, so even though our alpaca experience was done by 11:30, we didn’t have to leave. T and Spike came up after Spike’s swimming lesson and joined us in the Forest, having some lunch then enjoying a trip into the trees where we took part in The Gruffalo Trail and spotted a red squirrel! We barely saw the forest though and theres still plenty to explore next time we take a trip!

Kato and Douglas the alpacas on our alpaca walk with Alpacaly Ever After in Whinlatter Forest in the Lake District