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An alternative Father’s Day Gift Guide

An-Alternative-Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide-readaraptor-hatchlingI know, I know. Father’s Day is quite literally just around the corner. But its not too late to order something. However, if your partner is like mine, you will need a bit of a difference to the usually gift guides you find on the retailers’ sites. I thought help by sharing my alternative Father’s Day gift guide with you all.

1. Marvel Trivia Quiz

Small but perfectly formed presents are always a great thing for dad’s for father’s day.  Thats why I’m including this. At only £5, the Marvel Trivia Quiz is something me and him can play together for fun, and something he can use to tach Spike the way of the comic book world when she’s older.

2. Retro sweets

I came across A Quarter Of on Mother’s Day because I am a terrible daughter and completely forgot to order anything for my mum! I just got her a big box of sweets sent over with a note to say sorry and she loved them. It wasn’t until recently though that I realised they did this awesome personalised jar of sweets. I love that you can upload a photo onto the label. 


3. Cool clothes

I am a huge fan of Teefury and if the dad in question is a bit of a geek then there will be something to accommodate on their site. Its full of artist drawn designed tee shirts. I’ve got tees ranging from Harry Potter & Dr Who mashed with Up and Baymax… I have loads of tees from this place, and T has a Limbo and Legend of Zelda mash up tee that he loves too. Of course at this late stage its gunna be difficult to get something shipped from America in time which is why I’m so glad I found these tees in HMV the other day…

4. A music streaming service subscription

Does your partner love his tunes? Mine does… and he loves nothing more than sharing them with our little girl. Lots of streaming services can be bought as gifts and play through home entertainment systems allowing you all to rock out. Why not treat your partner to a subscription so he can listen to everything he loves, beats just a single CD!

5. This Book is a Camera

Photography is a really big things for Spike’s daddy right now. This Book is a Camera would probably be a bit of a jokey gift as he loves his digital photography but I love the look of it. It’s taking photography back to the days of old in a fun way and Id love to see how it works too!

6. A photo book

T got me a photo book for my first Mother’s Day and I know he’d love me to return the favour. The ones from Apple are amazing quality and really feel like hardback books rather than flimsy photo albums.

milanese-loop-apple-watch-strap-readaraptor-hatchling7. Apple Watch Strap

My mr is a gadget guy. He loves his Apple watch and if I could stretch to it, he’d be getting the Milanese Loop Apple watch strap that he wants. If yours has slightly cheaper taste the woven nylon and sports bands come in at just under £50. Far more realistic!

8. DJI Spark Drone

Again, a gadget, but this time one like no other… a DJI Spark Drone. There’s not a chance in hell T is getting one of these for Father’s Day. However, if money was no object I’d have got him this… Its a brand new drone thats just come out that is barely bigger than a phone. It looks amazing and he really would love a drone, I know he would. He’s got more chance of getting this one though…

9. A Dyson Robot

In our house, which is one of the reasons standard gift guides don’t work, I do the DIY and make the mess while T is the one to clean up… thats why I know he’d be well impressed if the Dyson 360 Eye turned up this Father’s Day! Combining cool technology, with his most loathed chore, this would make his day! As its more expensive than the drone though, he may be left hoover up himself!

10. Time & Peace and Quiet

If all else fails… and at this late stage, if you really can’t get hold of anything! You can always follow in the advice of Skint Dad and give your parter any of these things I know 15 minutes on the toilet without an audience would probably go down  a treat in our house!