Whats in our January Buckt Box
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Axe throwing, meditation and more – Our January 2019 Greater Manchester Buckt Box

I posted about the Greater Manchester Buckt Box before Christmas and spoke about how amazing it sounded. Well our first box arrived last week and I was more than impressed with the contents so I thought I’d share.

January 2019 Buckt Box

One of the best things about this subscription box is that it fits nicely through your letterbox. I am always worried about this kind of thing as we are never in when the post arrives and I end up having to wait for days to pick things up from the sorting office! Its a small notebook size – A6 I’d say, and only around 2cm thick. With a snazzy design one of my favourite things about it was the quote “Jobs fill your pockets, Adventures fill your soul“ by Jaime Lyn Beatty on the inside fold of it.

Our Buckt Booklets

Our Buckt box was a duo box, meaning the box contained two booklets outlining this months activities. I was excited though surprised to see two booklets. Its a booklet each so you can actually take a friend instead of the person you subscribed for. I will be taking advantage of that!

Value for money

As a Buckt Duo costs £25 I expected to see activities for around £10 each in the booklets. Five activities, £10 each would make a great saving! I was even happier to discover that two of the activities were worth £20+! How good is that!? They were varied but that makes more sense that putting the same kinds of things in the booklets to me as not everyone will want the same thing!

January’s activities

As I say, the activities are very varied. We won’t be taking advantage of all of them, but we will try and get to do most of them. January’s box included an axe throwing session at WhistlePunks, which we’ve already done and a full review is coming soon! It also included entry to Elizabeth Gaskells House, which I will be taking my sister to as it is NOT T’s cup of tea, but he wouldn’t have gone had I struggled to find someone else to come with me. There’s entrance into a trampoline park which will be fun with friends who also ordered the box, and drum lessons which we won’t probably use as neither of us fancy it. The final activity was a meditation class which we would have used had it not been for the centres opening hours.

No real restrictions

The activities in January’s box are mostly to do during the day or early evening. There were few real restrictions on any of them, which was good! Most of them are limited due to the opening hours of the venue rather than anything else. Its varied our events a bit and I am totally looking forward to what next months box has in store. I think it will prompt us to get out and do stuff we wouldn’t have necessarily tried so thats always a good thing! We might find something we absolutely love!

To find out more about Buckt and its Greater Manchester or Birmingham based activity boxes visit the Buckt website here.