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#MySundayPhoto – Bee beautiful at Lowther Castle

Bee on flower at Shap Abbey Steps Lowther Castle

Usually I share photos of Spike for #MySundayPhoto but this week I thought I’d do something a little different. We travelled up to Lowther Castle for my birthday on Tuesday and spent the whole day enjoying nature. Spike loved it, I loved it and T struggled towards the end because it was warm and we’d done lots of walking! Even then though, I think he loved it too!

Whilst exploring one of the castle’s areas – Shap Abbey Steps – which Spike found beautiful, we discovered a little friend taking some nectar from a plant. This little bee was so busy and so beautiful I thought I just had to take his photo. I usually keep well away from bees and wasps but lately I’ve been trying to help bees out when I can. Also, as this one was exceptionally busy I thought I’d take a minute to capture his beauty at work. I think it turned out pretty well!