Kids plasters always come in handy on days out when you have a little one as clumsy as Spike
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Being prepared on a day out – dealing with the inevitable with a little help from Safe and Sound Health

This post was written in collaboration with Safe and Sound Health, but all words and pictures are my own.

Spike is so accident prone. She falls on also every day out we have. So in addition to the standard lunches and water bottles, I like to be prepared with the essentials like kids plasters whenever possible.

Our trip to Grizedale Forest

Last week we made the most of the sunshine and headed to our nearest Forestry Commission Forest, Grizedale. We’d spent New Year’s Day here and loved it. We spend a lot of our weekends travelling out to places like thi. Spike loves to explore and me and T like to stay active.

Our first stop; lunch

First stop was the play area and picnic benches for lunches. In the current climate the play area was full of hand sanitising stations. But it felt good to just be able to clean our hands before we ate with the Safe and Sound Foaming Hand Sanitiser. It feels so much nicer than the gel stuff, especially before eating.

Next up, ice cream…

Then there was an ice cream, which inevitably dripped all over Spike’s hands. Again, the hand foam came out to clean up some of the mess enough for her to stop whinging and got to the toilets. What is it about kids who don’t like sticky mess getting messy when there’s a queue for the loos! Once all that was over, we were off on our walk. We went on the white walk, which was relatively easy and we mostly kept to the paths. There was a bit of tree climbing where I expected the inevitable to happen. Alas, Spike stayed on either her bum or feet the entire time!

Being prepared for the inevitable

With the white walk complete and us only having been in the forest an hour, we headed off on the blue walk. This is a more rugged walk with some absolutely amazing sculptures to see and a brook to splash about it. Spike loved this walk so much more, but obviously that meant more running around and getting excited. We started our walk up the windy hill to to the top of the loop. Then Spike wanted to climb into a cool looking tree. Which she promptly fell out of! I knew it would happen somewhere along the way. But we sat her on the wall, cleaned her off with the Safe and Sound Health Antiseptic Spray and covered her knee up with their new Kids Unicorn Plasters. We had 8 different designs of the kids plasters to chose from. Though, much to my dismay she chose the mermaid one instead of the dinosaur! The girl has her priorities wrong!

Kisses and cuddles to make it all better

Even before the plaster went on she was happy. Kisses and cuddles are the best remedy for the upset that comes with bumps and bruises. But the safety of the antiseptic spray and being able to grab a kids plaster quick helped too. Especially when they come in so many fun designs to choose from! Spike had forgotten why she needed a plaster by the time she’d chosen which one she wanted. Then was super happy when it was put in place. It came off easy enough with little pain the next day too, which all of us were pleased about!