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Searching for starfish – A Blackpool Sea Life Centre review

searching for starfish blackpool sea life centre review blog title readaraptor hatchlingLast weekend we were lucky enough to have an invite to Blackpool Sea Life Centre. As it’s just 40 minutes away we jumped at the chance to go to the seaside and hoped in the car. We’d had Diddikicks that morning so Spike slept peacefully in the car and we got there at around 1pm.

We made our way to the centre, grabbed our tickets and made our way to the lift. With the lift a bit small, with a fair few people with pushchairs this was a bit of a downside for us. However once we were upstairs and looking at the giant snails in the rockpool all was forgotten!


The rockpool is is a newly refurbished area at the very start of Blackpool Sea Life Centre. It’s well lit and has the perfect perch for toddlers. I really loved that the Centre is interactive right at the start and if Spike wasn’t such a softy, she could have reached right in. There were starfish and crabs which Spike found fascinating. The area also had magnifying glasses so you can see the creatures up close!


We then made our way round the quayside. Spike didn’t stop for long enough to actually read about any of the fish we were looking at. At least she enjoyed running from tank to take looking at them, I guess! The quayside area has two octopus’ which I was really hoping o see but we completely missed the tanks on our first walk through. I asked one of the staff members where to find the Octopus’ and she said they often hide. We went back but I could only just catch a glimpse of one of them under its rock, which was a little disappointing.

Stingray Adventures

We made our way to the Stingray Adventure area next. Spike enjoyed this a lot as she could see lots and loved how big and exciting the rays were. A bigger tank containing bigger fish was fascinating, especially when she and daddy ducked under a wall to go look at them from inside a bubble! I loved being able to get this close to the stingrays and preferred the second tank which was well lit and had low viewing points for Spike to enjoy!

Kingdom of the Seahorse

She got a bit confused in the Kingdom of the Seahorse section as seahorses aren’t actually horses. However she enjoyed looking at them anyway. I think she preferred the light which shone a seahorse onto the ground more than the seahorses themselves, but never mind! We loved the clown fish, or Nemo as I kept calling them! And I believe we may have also seen a Dory fish too!


Next up was the Rainforest area where Spike got wet because she stuck her head into the bit where water drips down! She got excited about this area because it was fun and I think she really liked that it felt like you were outside in the forrest! The New Rangers Table looked cool but it was on well before we got there unfortunately. I would have liked to have touched the creepy crawlies so we might go back for that one day!

Ocean Tunnel

Next up was the ocean tunnel, which Spike loved! She declared one of the sharks ‘Mine’ which was very cute! That day was her ‘pull silly faces all day’ day and she delighted in pulling a particular face at the sharks, stingrays and other fish that swam by when we were in the tunnel.


Finally the Seastars area was what caught Spike’s attention the most. In this area you can get up close to starfish and learn all about them.  Brightly lit, with lots to see and touch, Spike adored this part of the centre. She loved the starfish tunnel and ran round and round that. She also gazed up in wonder at the starfish from the bubbles under the tanks. We had to practically drag her out of this area!

Our Blackpool Sea Life Centre visit

Blackpool Sea Life Centre is so much fun, especially for two year olds who love bright lights and quick moving things! The tour finishes at the gift shop as so many places do. Thankfully though, this area also has a cafe and an under 4s soft play, which distracted Spike from the gifts! We had loads of fun and Spike really loved it. The only downside for us was that we had to go back through the gift shop, Seastars, the stingray adventure and out through quayside in order to get back to the area where our pushchair was left. A little annoying as by this point, Spike was a bit fed up and wanted to escape. The last really good thing about Blackpool Sea Life Centre though is that its right on the sea front. So as soon as we left, Spike could run around in the sun, feeling the sand on her toes!

*Disclaimer: I was asked to visit Blackpool Sea Life Centre to review our experience. I was given complimentary tickets for the centre but all opinions are my own.