#Blogtober16 5 Cool Facts about my Town

leyland--is-cool-readaraptor-hatchlingThis is going to be difficult. The place I live isn’t exactly that exciting at the best of times, so I am struggling a lot to think of five cool things about Leyland.

I guess if I really had to list five though, they would be:

  • Leyland Motors originated here and still runs as Leyland Trucks
  • Its home to the British Commercial Vehicle Museum
  • There have been a number of professional/successful footballers and an odd one or two other people from the town
  • It’s got some really pretty listed buildings, mostly around the Leyland Cross which can be seen in the picture above
  • Its got good transport links to better places, including Manchester and Lancaster.

I haven’t got much to say about Leyland. People round here are proud of it but I don’t know much about its history and I am not planning on it being my forever home. The only thing I like about it are the nice listed buildings and the fact that there can be nice places to go for walks if you know where to find them!

Leyland Motors

The Leyland Motors thing is very well known and thats the reason most people have heard of the town. The town council know this too and you can see signs of it everywhere. There’s a tank at the side of the road on one way into the town, a ‘typical’ Leyland Motors man statue on the way out of the Market which was once home to one of the many Leyland Motors sites, the Leyland Motors clock on the walkway to the town centre and a ‘Leyland Motors wheel’ on one of the towns largest roundabouts. A statue of a ‘foundry man’ can be seen outside Morrison’s too, which was once the home of the Farington iron Foundry.

British Commercial Vehicle Museum

Again this is a connection to Leyland Motors with the museum housed on the main site where Leyland Motors once stood. I’ve never been but I keep meaning to visit as I’m sure its actually pretty cool to see all the old vehicles and find out more about them.

Famous People

When I say famous people, I mean low list ones! Clarke Carlisle went to T’s school and Kevin Sim of Liberty X grew up on the estate round the corner from my house. Preston North End Owner Trevor Hemmings.

Leyland Cross

The Leyland Cross is just a general village cross very similar to the one in the village I grew up in. Its cool though because its the centre of the old village of Leyland, and has loads of really nice listed buildings around it – including the one Spike’s nursery is housed in. I love driving up the road near her nursery and seeing the pretty homes and cottages.