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#Blogtober16: Childhood career ambitions

blogtober16-career-plans-readaraptor-hatchlingI can’t actually remember a lot of my childhood career ambitions.  However the ones I do remember I look back on with a definite sense of humour.

Here is a list of things I wanted to be when I grew up:

  • a horse rider
  • a vet
  • the next Vanessa-Mae
  • a policewoman
  • a beautician
  • a childminder/nursery nurse
  • a teacher

These are mostly hilarious because I have never ridden a horse, I would rather put myself up for elective surgery that put an animal down and I was shockingly bad on violin the year I tried it.

It gets better though, as I got older I got more practical…. yet obviously not too practical as I would NEVER pass the fitness test for the police force (now, or back then!) and I don’t even understand what contouring is/wear make up/shave my legs so me as a beautician would be like going to get you bikini was done by Quasimodo or something!

I obviously liked (and to be far – still like) the idea of working with kids and towards the end of high school I started thinking about those options. My confidence was shaken quite a bit during this time and I honestly thought for a while I wouldn’t make it to college let alone university so I was thinking about a career as a childminder/nursery nurse but when I managed to get into college I knew that it was teaching I wanted to do and just used the put downs from certain people to reach my ambitions.

I never reached them though. I wanted to be a teacher for about 6 years as a teen/young adult but alas did not get a place on the PGCE I applied for and ended up going into magazine journalism and now digital marketing. You never know where you will end up and I don’t think it matters what you want to be growing up as to be honest I haven’t hit the point in my life where I think ‘I am a grown up’ yet and I’m in a long term relationship, with a career and a kid!