#Blogtober16 My Disney character

disney-character-readaraptor-heatchlingI’m a pretty big Disney Fan so when I saw this I thought I best get it right! The Disney Character I most identify with would have to be the two above; Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Merida from Brave.

Both these women seem determined to be themselves and not conform in any way, which I can definitely resonate with. Unfortunately Belle gives her determination up when she falls for a man just a few days after being kidnapped by him. However she does get to the bottom of whats happened with her determination too! She’s also got an obsession with books like me!

I like to think I am a strong, determined woman and that I am as fierce as Merida. Who knows if I am, but I hope I am. I would fight for my family to the death if I needed too as she would.