#Blogtober16 My favourite birthday present ever!

best-present-ever-blogtober16-readaraptor-hatchlingI am an exceptionally lucky girl in that I honestly don’t know what to say for this one…

I could talk about how incredibly lucky I was to get a car for my 17th birthday from my daddy who is awesome. I worked hard for everything I got when I was growing up and I genuinely did deserve that car and I loved it so much, it was my baby. I was sad to see it go 9 years later!

Or I could talk about the first present I got from Spike on the first birthday after she was born but that was within the first 3 months and I honestly couldn’t tell you anything about that day other than that we spent it on the beach in Lytham – which in itself was awesome to be fair!

I think though my best, best, best ever birthday present has to have been the trip to Leeds Festival T bought me for my 21st. We both couldn’t afford to get tickets when they came out in the March so I wasn’t planning on going. We’d only been together just under 3 months when they went on sale so I wasn’t really planning on going with him anyway but as my birthday approached he’d saved up money to make it special and ended up paying something crazy like £200 each for us two tickets off eBay!

We went with my friends who had managed to secure tickets and it ended up being the best Leeds Fest I’ve ever been to, probably because I got to share it with T! I miss going to festivals but at least I can say the last one was incredible!