#Blogtober16 Timeline of my day

timeline-of-our-day-readaraptor-hatchlingMy day has drastically changed recently… if I was posting this two months ago I would have different timelines for every single day but now I work on a weekend/weekday schedule which is probably more settling for Spike to be perfectly honest!

Our weekday schedule goes like this; (If you’re reading this and think its a good idea to rob my house, you can try but the man next door doesn’t miss a thing and will call the police instantly!)

Anytime between 4:30 and 5:30 Spike wakes up, screams the house down and demands to be removed from her cot. Either me or T will get up with her while the other sleeps a little longer!

Around 6:30 I jump in the shower and in between getting Spike fed and dressed I will get myself ready for work!

We leave the house around 7:30 to drop her off at nursery and I drive alllll the way to Lancaster in horrific morning traffic to drop T off at work at 8:30 and get my bum to work for 9.

At 5 I leave work, check on Find my Friends to find out how quickly T has done the 2 mile walk from his office to mine and see if I have to pick him up or if he’s made it close enough to meet me.

We pick Spike up at 5:45-6ish, come home and I make tea. Sometimes T will drop me off at home on the way to pick her up so I can make a start before she’s picked up. We then eat tea, have a half an hour play/bonding time with Spike and then I take her up to bed, T baths her and I get her dressed, give her a bottle and read her a story.

From 8pm the day is mine and I’m usually found reading/blogging or messing about on my phone whilst trying to fit chores in around all that!

On a weekend it varies drastically. We stick to the same sort of routine, Spike gets up at the same time, we have breakfast, lunch and tea at the same sorts of times and she usually naps either 9 til half 10 or 12 til half 1 depending on how tired she is. Because weekends are the only time we get with her we try and go out and do stuff and I think we’re planning on weekly swimming trips on a Sunday morning!