#Blogtober16 – Whats in your handbag

handbag-readaraptor-hatchling-blogtober16I have a small handbag thats like a shoulder bag… I don’t do proper handbags at all, opting for a more causal look. The one in that picture so totally is not mine… you wouldn’t want me to open mine up, trust me!

In my handbag you will find a book, my purse, my keys, loads of receipts, a pen, a notepad and probably some sweet wrappers. You’ll probably also find some hair bobbles, a dummy, and maybe if you’re lucky a nappy bag… I don’t quite know why those last two things are in there but hey ho – thats the life of a mummy!

I used to be really organised and have hardly anything in there but now its like a mary poppins bag and T quite often says he doesn’t understand how I fit everything in there!