#Blogtober16: Who Am I?

who-am-i-readaraptor-hatchling-blogtober16I’ve decided to join in with Hex Mum’s Blogtober16 event, which will see me blogging every day in October! I am running so behind on this because I only just found out about it so bare with me while I catch up!
Day 1 was on the topic “Who Am I?” so here goes;

I’m Raimy, mummy to Spike, partner of T, ‘stepmum’ of L. I’m also a daughter, sister, aunty and friend to many. I have a big ass family and so does T so we’re pretty screwed when it comes to writing Christmas cards.

More than that I’m me, I’m a book loving, music adoring, feminist who has just embarked on a new career in Digital Marketing and has huge aspirations. I’m very much a what you see is what you get kinda person – I am who I am and generally think ‘whatever’ if someone doesn’t like that. I don’t wear make up, I’m slightly overweight and I have my own sense of style, I also swear like a trucker once you get to know me, but I try and keep that to a minimum on here!

I grew up in a tiny village in the North East. My parents moved abroad when I was 18 and I finished out college, started uni, hated uni, transferred uni – which involved a move across country – and found my calling all on my own. It made me fiercely independent to the point that T often tells me that he may as well not be around because its clear I don’t need a man in my life! But I do love him and would like for him to stick around!

Growing up my parents instilled a very strong message of “If you want something, you gotta work for it” and I still carry that around with me. I work hard for everything I have and I plan on passing that down to my little girl. It took a lot for me to return to full time work just 16 months after having Spike knowing that I would have to leave her every day but hopefully I’ll be able to show her I did it for us all. My career is important to me but so is being a mum and I want to do both very well if I can!

One of the things I’m working towards is owning my own house. Now I’m working full time me and T will have a bit more money for the savings and I can’t wait to see that building up and hopefully becoming a decent enough amount to save up. At the moment we rent and I am sick of throwing money at something that isn’t even ours – I am also a sucker for interiors and I can’t do anything with our house because we aren’t allowed to decorate!

I started blogging about books 6 years ago after uni and I love it. I run this blog and my book blog –┬áReadaraptor – as frequently as I can but with so much to do and so little time to do it I do struggle to update them as much as I’d like, so alas I am joining in with #Blogtober16 to show that I can fit it all in! Thanks Mandi at Hexmum!