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#Blogtober16: If I won the Lottery….


This is a hard one for me. I’m a very non-materialistic person and I’d love to think that if I won the lottery I wouldn’t become one of those crazy people who throws money around like its nothing and quits their job – I actually like working for a start.

lottery-shopping-list-readaraptor-hatchlingThere are some things I’d do though. First of all I’d share some out around the family. Both my own and T’s family are very supportive and have helped us out in the past and although we always pay them back it would be nice to share out the wealth a bit if we won a lot.

Next up I’d buy a car. Nothing fancy but probably something beautiful yet practical like a Honda CRV. I’d also have to share my money with T and he’d likely go crazy and buy some mad sport car thing but hey, his half of the money is his own!

Then I’d buy a house. There’s a gorgeous area near where we live that we’d love to live in but can’t afford and that would be our home. We are hopefully gunna start saving for our own place next year but with lottery winnings we’d be there without the hassle of ISAs!

Finally I’d book us a holiday to Walt Disney World Florida and more importantly the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Its my dream destination and that would need to be my first holiday spot for sure… maybe we’d travel a bit around the states too as there are a number of places me and T would love to go!