Bringing an end to the boob

normalise-breastfeeding-spikeSo Spike is now 9 months old. She hit this major milestone today in fact, and its been amazing seeing her get here, growing up in front of my own eyes and developing her own little personality.

One of the things I’ve loved over the last 9 months is the fact that I’ve played a massive part in her health. I’ve been breastfeeding almost every feed, every day she has had my milk and we have such a special bond because of it. The odd occasion she had formula she didn’t have any problems with it though so I expected her to be fine with going to nursery and having to have it there.

Unfortunately she started nursery and started refusing her bottle there. The first few trips she point blank refused milk but was having food at breakfast, lunch and snack time, and was drinking her water. This made the nights after worse because she was wanting to feed from me more.

It was this that made me think about our breastfeeding journey so far. I have loved it but I knew that the day would come where she would need formula more regularly. I can’t express much when I do and I don’t like the way it feels so I didn’t want to express loads so that she had enough for nursery. Over the last few weeks breastfeeding has become very difficult for me. For some reason I am in pain with almost every feed and there are blisters in places there shouldn’t be blisters.

So I made the decision to start the breastfeeding weaning…

I’m going slowly, this post marks the beginning of the end of breastfeeding but I expect that it will take another few months, if not longer, to go fully bottle. Spike is eating real food so much better now (but thats a post for another day) so we’re down to just four daytime feeds and one night feed. We’ve swapped the midday feed to a bottle of ofrmula, and when she’s at nursery she also has formula for her afternoon/evening feed. I will be doing this for a while then I’ll look at swapping out that afternoon feed. Hopefully soon the night feed will come to a stop too but that won’t be being swapped for a bottle for a very, very long time if it doesn’t stop first! haha

Since making this decision, last Monday, she’s taken to the bottle better and at nursery Thursday she actually had both bottles, not all of them but she didn’t refuse!

So yes, this is the beginning of the end for Spike’s boobie time. Its a sad time for both of us but I think its better for us now she’s gone to nursery and at least doing it this way; slowly but surely, will help us both to adjust to our new regime.