Why I buy second hand clothes for Spike and myself. Blog title graphic with two images of Spike warren second hand clothes I've bought her
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Buying second hand – Being environmentally friendly, money conscious and giving a helping hand

If you’ve got children you won’t be surprised with the fact that they grow out of everything in a blink of an eye. Spike is a slow grower and when she turned 5 she was still in mostly 3-4 or 4-5 year clothing. Then she shot up another 5cms and I was pilling up the clothes that didn’t fit. Thankfully I’ve found something that helps the wallet when these growth spurts happen… buying second hand clothes.

Needing a whole new wardrobe after a growth spurt

As I put clothes to the side that she was growing out of, the drawers started to thin out. With my furlough wages I couldn’t afford more than a few pieces from the shops. I went to the Traffod Centre and picked up some of M&S’s 3 for 2 range, and Boots had a sale on mini club items which helped. But still we needed more to see us through summer.

Facebook selling groups

Thats when I started scouring the selling groups I’m part of on Facebook. I am lucky enough to have found a few that are private groups with some lovely and reliable sellers in them. With these groups you can ask for things or wait til people were selling and comment as soon as possible to claim an item. I got lucky and a few people were selling 5-6 clothes in the groups as I was looking. I like it more than eBay because you can bundle items and the sellers don’t have fees to think about.

Why buy second hand clothes for kids

With kids, a lot of the stuff you end up buying them are hardly worn. And even if they wear them often, they aren’t in them for long enough to completely destroy them. Buying second hand for me means that I’m doing my bit to stop clothes heading to landfill sooner than they are ready to, and helping out fellow parents in making some money back when their kids are costing them a fortune needing the next size up! I’ve never had an issue with second hand clothes and scour the charity shops for myself often. With a wash as soon as they arrive you can’t go wrong.

Buying second hand clothes for me
Spike wearing second hand clothes on an adventure into the trees!

I’m a little more wary when it comes to clothes for me. Mainly because I am an awkward size so I like to try things on before buying. But in the current climate that isn’t an option anyway. And with a holiday to Mexico coming up I’m aware that I need clothes that will likely be worn twice on that holiday and thats it… so I’m going to try and get them second hand as much as possible.

My latest second hand clothing haul

During June I hit the selling groups hard. There was about 10 days when we didn’t go a day without a parcel turning up. T started questioning what was going on and asking how sore my bank balance was looking. But it wasn’t. I spent around £60 and managed to get A LOT of clothes. One particularly parcel had 3 Boden dresses and a gorgeous Monster’s High dress in it, all in near perfect condition, and I paid £11.50 for it, including postage. Boden dresses new around around £20, so to get three for half that price is great. Spike is picking when it comes to clothes but I managed to show her most of them and she liked them all. Ive been lucky to get amazing quality stuff so far too, most of which you wouldn’t even think has been worn.

Environmentally friendly shopping

I’ve been moving towards a more environmentally friendly way of living for the past few years. We reuse wherever possible, so it makes sense to me to reuse clothes. And if I can’t reuse Spike’s old clothes for ourselves, it makes sense to reuse other peoples. That’s also why I’ve started selling Spike’s too – as well as a way of making money back to buy replacement stuff she needs!

Selling kids clothes

I used to bag everything up and send it to the charity shop. Regardless of state, it would go. However I don’t know what happens with it once it gets there. How much goes out? What if they find a chocolate stain I didn’t notice? Will the item just get chucked out? I’d like to think not. But I have no idea. I still send some stuff to charity, but Im trying to sell Spike’s old clothes myself as much as possible. Part of that is due to the reduction in the amount of donations shops are taking at the minute. But also because I know they are going straight to people who love them and need them.

Reasonable selling

I know that Spike’s clothes aren’t in mint condition – other than the new stuff she’s refused to wear. But I take clear photos and price reasonably. I listed items last weekend and I sold nearly half of them within half an hour because I won’t ever overcharge. I never want a parent who’s in desperate need for new shoes for their kid who’s grown to struggle, so I price for those people. After taking photos and listing items I managed to make enough to get Spike’s whole school uniform, but even then – most of that will be second hand too.

Tips for selling your kids clothes

If you are looking to start buying and selling second hand kids clothes I definitely recommend it. Sites like Facebook Marketplace are handy as they don’t have the fees, but eBay has specific trends for certain times so look into those. Also when pricing think about any costs you’ll be hit with (PayPal and postage are the main ones). Always take clear photos and describe in detail, being honest about condition.