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Capturing those special moments – Families Online’s #everymomentcounts challenge

Blog title image of me, t and Spike on a bike at Butlins with the caption Capturing Those Special Moments Families Online's #everymomentcounts challenge

As some of you may have noticed on my Instagram feed last week I joined in with a very special campaign for Families Online. This campaign asks families to capture those special moments. To take in the time you get with your family and make it count. After all #everymomentcounts.

As part of the campaign we were given a theme for each day between Monday 18th and Sunday 24th September. We were then asked to capture a moment that fit the theme. I joined in excitedly knowing that we were on holiday and I would be capturing the moments as they came anyway. The campaign was easy in most case for me because the photos were those I’d usually take and share with my lovely followers.

day 1 of #everymomentcounts for Families Online was together so I captured a picture of T and Spike stretching in the park togetherDay 1 – Together

As we started off the campaign during the second day of our holidays, this prompt was easy. The hardest part was to find a picture that I wanted to share the most! However, Spike copying her daddy and doing stretches together in the park really topped it for me. I love the pops of colour, the cheeky look on her face and the closeness you can see between them. It really was a cute little family moment to capture and I’m glad I managed to!


Day 2 of #everymomentcounts for Families Online was to capture those special moments of traditions so I captured this moment of Spike reading in the Butlins' Little Library Day 2 – Tradition

This was harder as I had to think of a tradition. However when Spike went running into the ‘little library’ at Butlins, we had our moment set. Me and Spike read together every day. It’s like a tradition in our house. I loved that the little library made it possible to carry on that tradition and how happy she seemed to be whilst she was sat reading. Books are her comfort. Just as they are mine!


Day 3 of #everymomentcounts for Families Online was capturing laughter so I took this of Spike laughing with her bubble machineDay 3 – Laughter

Capturing laughter on a photo is a difficult thing to do. However I think I managed it whilst Spike was laughing at the bubbles coming out of her brand new bubble machine. Again the bright and fun colours helped with this one. I loved the bubbles and the way the machine lit them up too and Spike’s gorgeous little face as she watched them!


Day 4 of #everymomentcounts for Families Online and the prompt was 3 things, so I captured 3 idiots on a bike, me, T and Spike laughing and enjoying our holiday! Day 4 – 3 Things

3 idiots on a bike. Thats what I chose for my 3 things post. Because we are 3 idiots and the bike was fun! But I wouldn’t change any of us for the world. We are who we are and thats the way I want it to stay. I really hope that Spike picks that ideology up from me and T. That she doesn’t stop being herself and doesn’t let anyone else guide her way. Because she is one awesome little one and I want her to know that, and stay that way!


Day 5 of the #everymomentscounts challenge was to capture something colourful so I captured Spike on a dachshund rocker in the park at Trentham Monkey Forest. Spike is wearing a colourful flowery top and the dachshund is bright blue and yellow Day 5 – Colourful

If only this prompt was earlier in the week! Unfortunately we’d left the bright, colourful backdrop of Butlin’s Skyline Pavilion at 8am on Friday morning. So we couldn’t capture that colour. A stopover on the way home at Trentham Monkey Forest provided a splash of colour when Spike’s beautiful flowery top met this Dachshund of my dreams! And that smile… who wouldn’t want to share that smile!


day 6 of #everymomentcounts was love and I love the determination and confidence that Spike now has when on thelcimbing frame and playing in the parkDay 6 – Love

Back home and back to normality. Saturday saw us at football and then a boring day of chores and food shops. I always like to split those days up with fun spells of activities for Spike and decided to hit the park with a friend. I shared this picture for my day 6 capture because I love seeing her confidence bloom so much on the climbing frame. Nothing stops her once she knows she can do something once and she didn’t even stop to check how close by I was before walking across the balance beam bit. That is what makes my love for her grow so much, knowing that she is a special little girl like that.


Day 7 of ´verymomentcounts was reflection and I sat and reflected about the amazing time I'd had on holiday with my family Day 7 – Reflection

My hardest prompt. I didn’t really know how to capture what I wanted to capture with a picture of my family. Instead I decided to share a picture of my space. My ‘me time’ during which I was reflecting on the week gone by. Our holiday and our time spent together. I have loved every moment of it and I wanted to capture my memory making of it all. Our Justin Fletcher Live tickets and our programme of things that were on during out holidays. Our photos that we took while we were there. They are all little keepsakes and things that will help me remember this incredible week I’ve had with my beautiful girl and my amazing partner.