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Catching the distance learning bug – my diploma progress and what I’m hoping to do next

A few months ago I wrote about learning as an adult and fitting in learning around Spike and other commitments. I thought it was about time I gave you a little update as to how thats looking for me and what is coming next, as I’ve definitely caught the distance learning bug.

My ‘up to 3 year’ diploma

When I signed up in January I had 3 years to complete the diploma I signed up for. I knew that they recommended the least amount you should take on it was 9 months. I managed one assignment between January and March. And figured it would definitely take longer than 9 months! But then lockdown hit…

Learning through lockdown

Lockdown seemed to get a lot of people motivated to do the things they never had time to do before. For me, homeschool whilst furloughed, I was desperate to do something for myself after we did Spike’s homeschool for the day. To have that little bit of time to myself was fantastic. It meant I put Spike in front of the TV a fair bit, but not everyday, just enough to get stuff done.

Taking the time out for myself

Learning throughout lockdown really helped me stay focussed and motivated. It got me through the days when I wasn’t sure what else would. Thankfully Spike liked watching me learn too and tended to read or colour/practise letters while I worked too. So i didn’t have the guilt of chucking her in front of the TV for too long. I managed to make time for 9 assignments throughout lockdown. 9 assignments that definitely wouldn’t have all got completed while I was working. I submitted my 10th assignment, out of the 15 on my course, at the start of August, 8 months into it.

Back to finding the time

Since returning to work I’ve been focussed on getting a new job. I loved where I worked pre-lockdown but since lockdown I realised that I wanted more. The diploma was to get me more and I just couldn’t see that where I was working. So learning took a back seat as I job searched. I had to prioritise my time and that came before my course unfortunately. However, now I’ve landed what I am hoping will be the perfect job I’m back to setting out learning time once a week. I’ve just completed my 11th assignment and reckon I’ll be done by November.

Building my confidence up

Learning at home has really built my confidence up. I’ve discovered that I know way more than I gave myself credit for. There have been times when its been difficult, I won’t lie, but the boost it gives you when you get your assignments back is amazing. not too mention the boost when you read something in a book thats been assigned and think “I already knew that!”

My next distance learning project

With only 4 more assignments left I’m on course for finishing by the end of the year. If not sooner. It was the start of a new year that made me think about doing more distance learning and that made me sign up to the course last year. And I don’t think 2021 will be any different. I’ve caught the learning bug and definitely want to do another course after this one. I’ve always been interested in code and would love to learn that so I’ve been looking at web design courses you can find online. There are so many but I think I’ve found one that will be perfect for me!

What would you learn if you had the chance?

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