• Nursery-one-year-on-readaraptor-hatchling

    Nursery… One year on

    February 16th 2017. On this day, one year ago, I was lost without my little sidekick. My little cling on was at nursery. It was the first time I had left her for more than a few hours with someone who wasn’t her daddy. And I missed her more than I believed possible. She was everything to me, and still is. That much hasn’t changed. However, pretty much everything else has! This time last year I had just secured what I believed to be a fantastic chance at part time work following being royally screwed over by my previous employer. This fresh start meant that Spike didn’t have to go to…

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    My Sunday Photo 19/02/2017

    We went to Blue Planet Aquarium this week to help entertain the monster formerly known as Spike. She was in a right mood from about 10 minutes in which put a downer on the day. However I did manage to take this magnificent photo of a shark during the underwater safari walk. I thought I’d link it up to My Sunday Photo because I am actually kinda proud of it. It was so close, swimming above us and although it’s terrifying, it was amazing all the same. Spike has woken this morning with a bit of a temp, a snotty nose and enough drool to fill a reservoir so I…

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    My top 5 Instagram pictures – January 2017

    I recently saw Organised Jo’s posts about her top five Instagram pictures each month and thought it was a great idea for a post so decided I’d join in. January was a busy month and I probably posted at least twice a day most days! These are the posts that got the most love over the month and I wanted to talk a little more about them… In 5th place was my baby looking really cool in the astronaut ‘your face here’ cutout at the World Museum in Liverpool. She was itching to just get into the museum and was staring longingly after people who were walking in but she…

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    10 ways I am Rocking Motherhood

    There’s a post doing the rounds where bloggers tag fellow bloggers to list ten reasons why they are rocking motherhood. This week Mummy’s Monkey tagged me in the post asking me to share my 10 reasons. Like her post read… motherhood is hard. Its so hard that right now I am trying to think of reasons why I ‘rock’ and I can’t. I just keep thinking about what I could do better. Let’s give it a go though… 1. I have good values, and I will pass them on to my little girl. Values and being the best person you can be to everyone is something I think about a lot.…

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    18 Months on…An update on my not-so baby

    My little Spike actually turned 19 months old last week. But this post will be about everything special about her during December and since she turned 18 months old. I never thought it was possible to love someone as much as I do my Spike. Since she was born that love has grown from day to day but I think over the last month its growing stronger. Since she turned 18 months old in November I have seen such a change in her. She really is no longer a baby, she’s a toddler now, and you can tell. There are good things and and with this. The good come in many…

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    Baby,  Christmas and New Year

    Getting into the Christmas Spirit

    So when I wrote my Christmas Checklist I was very behind on the whole thing. I hadn’t bought most the gifts I needed to buy and I wasn’t getting far on cleaning or anything really. I wanted to start getting into the Christmas Spirit so I started really trying. Its currently 5 days before Christmas. Christmas day is this week. And I am not feeling Christmassy at all! We went to Tatton Park’s Roald Dahl Gloriumptious Christmas Mansion which you can read about here. It was magical and I loved being there and seeing it all, and so did Spike. We then went to Breakfast with Santa at Avant Garden Centre…

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    Our first Parents Evening

    Parent’s Evening. talk about words that conjured up fear in me as a child! Now I’m an adult I had almost forgotten the sense of foreboding that came over me when they were uttered in my teen years. Until now. I didn’t realise that our first Parent’s Evening would come so soon. Assuming it would be around the 5 year mark I thought I had ages. I also thought it would involve looking at a load of hand paintings and talking about the next school trip. How wrong was I? Nursery does Parent’s Evening, at least once every 6 months apparently. And Spike’s first was last week. That sense of…

  • three-in-the-bed-readaraptor-hatchling

    Three in the bed…

    Since I posted last things have gone from bad to worse. Spike was sleeping through until 4am, in her own bed, but then refusing to sleep again. I suppose I should be grateful that she’s now sleeping until nearly 7am… however that’s in our bed, with breaks. The biggest break comes at around 1am when she wakes up and refuses point blank to go back to sleep until she’s in bed with us. I’m not sure if its because she’s cold or just lonely but she wants to be there, in between me and T, starfished so we’re hanging off the edge of the bed! In fact it might be…

  • that-damn-hour-readaraptor-hatchling-daylight-savings-time

    That bloody hour….

    I always thought that the jokes I’d see about parents having to ignore the ‘extra’ hour was just humour. Then that ‘extra’ hour struck in the Readaraptor household. My word. I don’t know how anyone copes with this. Its a nightmare! Spike was waking at 5am on the dot every day until Sunday… Her body clock obviously thought that it was 5am, because its right and it technically was, however it was actually 4am. T got up with her as I’d been at work the Saturday night, then woke me at 8am and what followed was hell on earth. Spike was a devil child all day. Crying an hour before her…

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    #Blogtober16 Place I’d most like to visit

    This is another thing that changes on an almost daily basis. It depends on the mood I’m in and who I’ve been speaking to as to where I most want to visit. Therefore I’m going to share with you a few of the places I most want to visit right now. Iceland I really want to see the Northern Lights and I think the best place to do it will be Iceland. I also love the idea of visiting somewhere a bit more obscure and seeing things like geysers and the awesome waterfalls they have. Disneyland Paris I’ve been to Paris but I really want to satisfy my inner child and…