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    My love hate relationship with Facebook – Blogtober17

    I remember being 17 in my AS Level year at college and everyone was raving about this new cool thing on the internet. Myspace for uni students, it was a must-have. You could only get on it if you had a university email address from an approved university. It was exclusive. It was for older people than us. We had a year left of college and we weren’t cool enough. The Start That was our biggest bug bear, and it lasted nearly all the way through my A Level year. Then, all of a sudden, it was announced that the university element of the platform was being removed. We could…

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    The year so far – Blogtober17

    I usually do a year in review at the very end of the year, so I am not going to do a full one. Instead, for the year in review post for Blogtober17 I am going to take a look at this post that I did a the end of last year and give you a bit of an update as to where everything is now that I spoke about then. Culture Shock This year has been a strange one in the fall out of Brexit and the US elections. I can’t believe its been almost a year since Trump was elected President and he’s still in office. He’s vile…

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    It’s beginning to look a lot like… – Christmas at Bents Garden Centre 

    So last week I was invited along to Bents Garden Centre to sample the fantastic range of food on offer in the Winter Food Market. And I must say… wow! There was bratwursts ahoy, complete with a vegan version for people to enjoy. Pulled pork and pulled mushrooms with the spiciest pork scratchings  you can ever imagine. Waffles and crepes with every topping you could ask for. And a great selection of drinks, including the beautiful white hot chocolate that I may have sampled with marshmallows! Food glorious food I honestly though I was at a warmer mini version of the Manchester Christmas markets. The atmosphere was great, there was…

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    Weather interference – Blogtober17

    For most parents bad weather is a bug bear. The school run will be a wet one. They can’t get their kid out to burn some energy off in the park. It means the soft plays are going to be rammed or they have to crack the crafts out. For us though, the weather can have so much impact. Weather costing money It sounds crazy. But for us, the bad weather can cost us money. It used to be bad enough when T worked in Lancaster and we were at home. The amount his train got cancelled because of the snow, wind, bad rain etc. was ridiculous. We drive now,…

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    The obsession with Cbeebies presenters – Blogtober17

    If you are a parent you probably know the Cbeebies presenters better than you know your friends. Lets face it, we spend more time with them than our friends these days. I know I do at least. I’ve written before about how Cbeebies helps our morning schedule. But I never truly understood how much Cbeebies mattered to some women (and men I guess!) until recently. Unusual crushes on presenters Earlier this year there was a story about the top five Children’s TV Presenter crushes and I was in shock. Now I’m gunna hold my hands up and say I’ve never seen Dr Ranj Singh because I have never seen Get…

  • Me at 15 - a letter to my teenage self

    A letter to my teenage self – Blogtober17

    On day 20 of the Blogtober17 challenge we have been asked to write about teenagers. I mentioned yesterday that I had some pretty crappy teenage years and I hated them with a passion. Today I thought I’d write a little letter to my teenage self. Dear Raimy, I know you aren’t having the best time right about now. In fact you hate life at 15. Your sister is off at uni and you miss her, even though you won’t admit it. Your parents work so hard to keep everything going, and you know they do it for you but you can’t help resent them a little. You are asked to…

  • Why I want Spike to always share her secrets

    Sharing secrets and the reason I don’t believe in keeping them – Blogtober17

    Growing up I shared my secrets with my best friends. A few of them I would share with my sister and some I’d even share with my mum. I loved that I had awesome family I could share my secrets with. I didn’t share everything with them but I knew I could if I wanted to. My mum was there for me whenever I needed her. And I am hoping I can be that for Spike. A problem shared is a problem halved One of the reasons I loved having people to share secrets with is because most of my secrets would create worry or anxiety for me. To be…

  • The ultimate relaxation for me - books and Nintendo Switch

    The ultimate relaxation for me – Blogtober17

    It’s not often I get the chance to put my feet up and relax. In fact to be honest I surround myself with a lot of work that needs doing so its hardy ever. When T is around we spend our evenings once Spike is in bed doing housework, chatting and I’m usually blogging. A few weeks ago though I had an evening to myself completely and I decided that relaxation was on the cards. Pre-parent relaxation I used to read to relax. I made a brew, curled up in my favourite spot and read until the night drew in. It was the ultimate relaxation. I would drop out of…

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    Albus Dumbledore quotes to live by – Blogtober17

    Harry Potter is one of my all time favourite book series’. There’s a reason for this… because its amazing. The story, the characters, everything just speaks to me everytime I read it and it’ll never grow old. One of my favourite characters is Albus Dumbledore. Naturally. He is the font of knowledge, the person Harry turns to in time of need and he says some fantastic lines that are just perfect. Thats why I have chosen some of these for inspiration to live by in Spike’s bedroom. Take a look at the three that are hung, or stuck, on her bedroom walls. Turn on the light “Happiness can be found…

  • woman swimming underwater with caption The phobias I don't want to pass on to Spike

    The phobias I don’t want to pass on to Spike – Blogtober17

    I’m scared of a lot of things. As I’m getting older I have become more aware of them. As Spike gets older I’m becoming more aware of her becoming aware of them. I don’t want to pass any of my insecurities, fears or phobias on to Spike. I used to have a phobia of spiders but its been downgraded to a fear. This is because I’ve decided to put on my big girl pants and get over the little ones. I’m still terrified of the big ones. But at least Spike doesn’t see that fear as much. Recently I managed to hide my fear of heights quite well as she…