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  • Two images of stationary subscription boxes you can get in the UK
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    Pretty monthly doorstep drops – Stationary subscription boxes I just can’t live without

    I’m a stationary addict. I always have been. When I was in my teens I used to go into town with my friend and we’d hit up the shops in order of importance. First would be Ottakers – which some people won’t even remember but was a book shop chain. Then it was WH Smiths and The Art Shop for the stationary goodies. Thats if we were feeling flush. On the less pocket money days it would be Woolworths and Boyes – I’m showing my age with Woolies but I’m showing my northern-ness with Boyes as much people won’t be aware of that shop! But I digress… This post is…

  • Blog title image with An Introduction to Bullet Journalling
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    An introduction to Bullet Journalling – how I have become more organised and less stressed

    Last year I found myself lost. I was forgetting about things left, right and centre and my work was suffering. My blog rarely got updated. I had to-do lists coming all over the place and would find them half complete three weeks later having forgotten about the other half. I needed to do something about it, so I decided to try out bullet journalling.  Bullet Journalling T started reading The Bullet Journal Method book by Ryder Carroll at Christmas 2018. He said it was fascinating and thought that it would really help him organise his life. I watched him follow the method for a year and thought it looked a…