• Our Christmas Traditions with two images, the first is T holding Spike up o she can put the star on the tree and the second is spike at 7 months old sitting up with her christmas eve teddy and book, One Snowy Night
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    Our Christmas Traditions – how we’re still feeling festive in the new normal

    So this year is going to be a little different for everyone isn’t it? Some Christmas Traditions are having to fall by the wayside this year because of Covid. It’s sad, but hopefully it’ll just be one year and by next year the celebrations can be back to normal. I hope so anyway as next year we’re hoping to go away with Spike’s Grandma to the home of Santa himself! Our Christmas tree traditions Usually our tree makes an appearance the first weekend of December. However this year, we did put it up a little earlier. Lots of people have to spread the Christmas cheer it what’s been a rubbish…

  • Rethink Mental Illness and Virgin Trains team up for Christmas Kindness campaign
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    Virgin Trains spread a little kindness this Christmas – It’s a wonderful line from London to Glasgow

    This Christmas Virgin Trains and Rethink Mental Illness are encouraging you to spread a little kindness. They have teamed up to paint the entire Script of Its a Wonderful Life on the train platforms between London and Glasgow Central. Spreading the story Its a Wonderful Life is a Christmas Movie like no other. Its about kindness and about the lows that can be found at this time of year and how other people can bring you out of them. Its a story that makes you think and believe in the kindness of others, and makes you want to spread that kindness. Our mission Virgin Trains asked us to pop along…

  • Stocking fillers for last minute buys this christmas
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    Last minute stocking filler gift guide – Because panic buying is the way forward

    No matter how organised you are, there will always be someone you end up panic buying for! This year I’ve panic bought for a lot more people than usual. With a little over a week to go, I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping and I have no idea when its all going to come. Thankfully I know and trust my favourite online retailers so I can trust their final delivery slots. The only things I’ve got to buy now are the odd bits. Nursery staff, stocking fillers and that kind of thing… I thought I’d share a five of these stocking filler, last minute purchases with you on the…

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    Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate – win a Lindt Chocolate Bear advent calendar

    Say what you like about all the different types of advent calendar out there, but I think chocolate ones are the best. None of these gin advent calendars, or beauty boxes for me. Chocolate first thing on a morning brightens up my December. If you feel the same, WOW FreeStuff has a competition to win a £10 Lindt Chocolate Bear advent Calendar of your own! Read on to find out more! Chocolate advent calendars Obviously traditional advent calendars were pieces of card, with the story of Christmas told in small sections behind each door. Or reusable fabric calendars with a small gift in each pocket. The idea of an advent…

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    Christmas with a 2 year old – lots of squeals and tantrums

    So Christmas 2017 is over. I’m back in work and there’s only New Year left to tackle now before all the goals and fresh starts begin. I have high hopes for 2018 but thats for another post. Today I want to talk about Christmas with a 2 year old. If you have older kids this might sound familiar. If younger, then you may like to know what’s in store. Our Christmas celebrations started on Wednesday 20th December when we braved Manchester Christmas Markets with Spike. This wasn’t as horrific as it could have been and was mostly a lovely day. I was off work on the Friday and decided to…

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    A manic Christmas Eve – Our traditions the day before the big day!

    Christmas Eve was always mental in my house growing up. It was the storm before the calm rather than the other way round! Our family owned and managed a corner shop in a small village and Christmas Day was the only day we were shut. You might think that it sounds like a quiet little business to have. You would be wrong. There were papers to deliver, stock to order, deli food to make and staff to manage. My parents worked 20 hour days. And Christmas Eve was one of the busiest days of the year – mainly catering for the one little thing that the people of the village…

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    My Christmas Wishlist – A last minute gift guide for mummy or daddy

    With so many of us putting so much effort into our kids’ Christmas presents in the last month, it’s easy to forget about our partners. We want the perfect Christmas, but with just over a week to go, you better have remembered your loved one! I have really struggled this year with knowing what I want from friends and family. My mind has been full of making Christmas dinner for the family and ensuring Spike’s Christmas runs smoothly. When it came to her I was sorted a fair few weeks ago. Yet I know T still hasn’t managed to get me much! I thought I’d share a few ideas in…

  • Christmas Dinner table places with caption Tackling Christmas Dinner for the first time How to avoid disaster
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    Tackling Christmas dinner for the first time – how to avoid dinner disasters

    This year we’re staying at home for Christmas. It’s the first year, since we got together almost 9 years ago, that we’re staying home. At first I would spend Christmas with my family and T his, then we started spending it together, but at his mums. We’d then go visit mine on Boxing Day. But I always said that as soon as we had kids together I wanted Christmas Day to be our thing. One of the main reasons that we had spent Christmas at T’s mums in years gone by is because of L. He spends Christmas morning at his mums then Christmas Day with us. So it was…

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    It’s beginning to look a lot like… – Christmas at Bents Garden Centre 

    So last week I was invited along to Bents Garden Centre to sample the fantastic range of food on offer in the Winter Food Market. And I must say… wow! There was bratwursts ahoy, complete with a vegan version for people to enjoy. Pulled pork and pulled mushrooms with the spiciest pork scratchings  you can ever imagine. Waffles and crepes with every topping you could ask for. And a great selection of drinks, including the beautiful white hot chocolate that I may have sampled with marshmallows! Food glorious food I honestly though I was at a warmer mini version of the Manchester Christmas markets. The atmosphere was great, there was…

  • spike-Christmas-Wardrobe1-readaraptor-hatchling
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    Spike’s Christmas Wardrobe

    Better late than never… Last Christmas when Spike was teeny tiny, I dressed her up in all sorts for her Christmas wardrobe. I embraced the elf outfits and Santa bodysuits and basically abused her for photos that she’d look cute in. I tried that again this year but the adorable yet hideous outfits were all either too frilly or too small! Instead we made do with fun, funky Christmas themed tops, and the occasional legging or two! Most of this years Christmas Wardrobe came from the boys section – you’ll be shocked to learn! There were too many frills and too many non Christmas-y stuff in the girls section for my…