• My thoughts on the concept of only having 18 summers with Spike

    Make every day count – my thoughts on the idea of 18 summers

    Back at the start of summer there was a post going round facebook and other social networks from Motherly. This post discussed the idea that you only get 18 summers with your children before they fly the nest. It created a number of lovely blog posts about the idea of making the most of summer, including the one I’ve been tagged in by Arepops. The aim of the original post was to help you stop and take stock of everything you do. But that’s not what it made me do. Our summers so far If I was to take notice of this post, it would have panicked me. We are…

  • Peter Jackson the Jeweller sign on wall in Preston store with blog title overlay
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    Everything is so shiny! – Mummy’s night out with Peter Jackson the Jeweller

    Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited along to the very first Peter Jackson Jewellers blogger event. It promised to be an evening of excitement! There was a make up artist, jewellery cleaning station, diamond mining talks and an engraving station. I couldn’t resist the invitation and now I’ve been, I know that there will be more visits to the store in the future! Peter Jackson is a North West based Jeweller. With their flagship store in the centre of the larger of the two shopping centre’s in Preston, it was somewhere I was familiar with prior to the event. However, I had never actually stepped through the…

  • Raising a cuppa for Pregnant Then Screwed's workplace Equali-tea day!
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    Mums want workplace Equali-TEA #mumsequalpayday

    According to the fantastic Pregnant Than Screwed today marks the day in the year where women start working for free. Today, due to the gender pay gap, marks the day where the 30% pay difference between mothers and similarly educated fathers shows. In true solidarity, the team over at Pregnant Then Screwed is asking mothers to take a break, put their feet up and share a cup of Equali-TEA! We all want workplace equality. I am lucky to have understanding employers. However today I am actually off for the day, having to take annual leave, due to my role as a working mother. Not only does today mark the day…

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    Working bank holidays – missing out on that extra little us time

    I work in the travel and tourism industry. Although I work an office job, I’m one of a small minority for my company. Therefore our contracts are written like those on the holiday parks we manage. We aren’t meant to have a large chunk of time off within July and August. And we work bank holidays as standard days. The only exception to this is Christmas. Working Bank Holidays I don’t really mind too much as my parents were never off on a bank holiday. I grew up in a shop where my parents time was spent working 7 days a week, 363 days a year. The only days they…

  • Photo of Spike looking happy and grown up with caption 'Applying for school places wanting the best for Spike
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    Applying for school places – Trying to get the best for Spike

    The time has come to look at schools for Spike. It scares me how fast the last 3 years has gone. Starting nursery seemed like hardly any time ago, yet now we’re looking at school places! The idea that she goes to school next September is already freaking me out. My school preferences The first thing I did was look into schools in our area. I have always said I do not want my child doing to a church school. T is atheist, I am undecided. I am most connected to Paganism and I really hate the idea of organised religion. Having attended a church primary school and growing up…

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    Knowledge, age and confidence – what is the deciding factor in believing in yourself

    Did you, as a teenager, look at most adults and think about how put together they were? To me, most adults seemed to exude confidence, and I remember thinking “one day, one day I’ll be like them.” I’ve always been an anxious person. There are different types of confidence. I come across as confident to some people because I do what I want to do. As someone who chooses not to shave, to wear what I want and do what makes me happy, I can come across as confident. But I am not. There is being comfortable in yourself, and there is being comfortable projecting what you believe you know…

  • Welcome to Down by the Riverside festival sign and blog title with caption 'mermaids, giants and magic everywhere'

    Mermaids, Giants and magic everywhere – Down by the Riverside Festival

    Spike and I spent the start of last weekend having a mummy daughter day with friends at a tiny family run festival close to home called Down by the Riverside. With the theme of Giants, we expected magic around every corner and thats what we got. There were giants dotted around the festival site everywhere, and a special appearance by a Mermaid right next to the river. You could swim in that part of the river, and there was a little beach there but we decided to keep our feet firmly in our welly boots as the weather was not exactly on our side. Our first real festival experience This…

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    There’s nothing like leaving it to the last minute – Planning a party

    Spike turned 3 recently, and we booked a local play centre for her party lsat weekend. Bad move, as we should have foreseen this beautiful weather and stolen the Mother In Law’s back garden like we did the year Spike turned 1… Darnit! With the party booked months ago, the actual date has crept up on me quite quickly. I only realised the other day that if I didn’t get my finger out and buy some decorations, we would be sat in a very bland party room. Theme ideas So the weekend before last was spent trying to figure out what theme to go for. This is very important for…

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    What have I forgotten? – Packing for a self-catering holiday

    As you may have seen from my Instagram at the weekend, we went on a mini-break to Northumberland. We loved it and Spike did NOT want to come home. I spent the entire 3 hour journey on the way to the lovely caravan convinced I had forgotten something though, so I thought I’d share with you a little post about the dos and don’ts of packing for a self-catering holiday. Do not drink the day before, and work the morning before I spent the day before our trip in Edinburgh with my work colleagues in a Harry Potter themed pop-up bar and drinking gin. So needless to say, I packed…

  • Image of Spike enjoying the Spring sunshine with blog title of Why I do so much with Spike, and why you shouldn't believe everything that Instagram shows you

    Why I ‘do’ so much with Spike – and why you shouldn’t believe everything that Instagram shows you

    Ever see another parent on Instagram and think their life is perfect? Do you think they are acing it and doing a great job? They are, we all are. But they aren’t doing a better job than you, or anyone else you know because they capture a few perfect moments. My Instagram feed I capture sweet moments and things that I get up to with Spike. I share them and I share day to day bits of our lives. If you read my captions its not always sweet but the photos usually look it. For the most part. However that doesn’t mean my sh*t is together as much as you…