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    Knowledge, age and confidence – what is the deciding factor in believing in yourself

    Did you, as a teenager, look at most adults and think about how put together they were? To me, most adults seemed to exude confidence, and I remember thinking “one day, one day I’ll be like them.” I’ve always been an anxious person. There are different types of confidence. I come across as confident to some people because I do what I want to do. As someone who chooses not to shave, to wear what I want and do what makes me happy, I can come across as confident. But I am not. There is being comfortable in yourself, and there is being comfortable projecting what you believe you know…

  • Welcome to Down by the Riverside festival sign and blog title with caption 'mermaids, giants and magic everywhere'

    Mermaids, Giants and magic everywhere – Down by the Riverside Festival

    Spike and I spent the start of last weekend having a mummy daughter day with friends at a tiny family run festival close to home called Down by the Riverside. With the theme of Giants, we expected magic around every corner and thats what we got. There were giants dotted around the festival site everywhere, and a special appearance by a Mermaid right next to the river. You could swim in that part of the river, and there was a little beach there but we decided to keep our feet firmly in our welly boots as the weather was not exactly on our side. Our first real festival experience This…

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    There’s nothing like leaving it to the last minute – Planning a party

    Spike turned 3 recently, and we booked a local play centre for her party lsat weekend. Bad move, as we should have foreseen this beautiful weather and stolen the Mother In Law’s back garden like we did the year Spike turned 1… Darnit! With the party booked months ago, the actual date has crept up on me quite quickly. I only realised the other day that if I didn’t get my finger out and buy some decorations, we would be sat in a very bland party room. Theme ideas So the weekend before last was spent trying to figure out what theme to go for. This is very important for…

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    What have I forgotten? – Packing for a self-catering holiday

    As you may have seen from my Instagram at the weekend, we went on a mini-break to Northumberland. We loved it and Spike did NOT want to come home. I spent the entire 3 hour journey on the way to the lovely caravan convinced I had forgotten something though, so I thought I’d share with you a little post about the dos and don’ts of packing for a self-catering holiday. Do not drink the day before, and work the morning before I spent the day before our trip in Edinburgh with my work colleagues in a Harry Potter themed pop-up bar and drinking gin. So needless to say, I packed…

  • Image of Spike enjoying the Spring sunshine with blog title of Why I do so much with Spike, and why you shouldn't believe everything that Instagram shows you

    Why I ‘do’ so much with Spike – and why you shouldn’t believe everything that Instagram shows you

    Ever see another parent on Instagram and think their life is perfect? Do you think they are acing it and doing a great job? They are, we all are. But they aren’t doing a better job than you, or anyone else you know because they capture a few perfect moments. My Instagram feed I capture sweet moments and things that I get up to with Spike. I share them and I share day to day bits of our lives. If you read my captions its not always sweet but the photos usually look it. For the most part. However that doesn’t mean my sh*t is together as much as you…

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    Putting my back into it – My quest to health with yoga

    Have you tried Yoga? I have, and surprisingly its going quite well! I never thought I was the yoga type. I always saw it as a bit of a waste of time. Plus, I didn’t think I would ever be able to bend the way you need to in order to do some of the positions. But with a recurring back pain showing up, I decided I needed to do something that might help. Being body positive I don’t hate my body. I am quite body positive and feel that if I am happy then everyone else can go screw themselves. However I am not stupid. I know I’m overweight…

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    My Sunday Photo – 01/04/2018

    We’ve been treated to a little bit of great weather the last week or so. Which means we’ve been getting outdoors a little more than usual. Last Sunday we took to our local park and T managed to snap this action shot of Spike. It makes for a great #MySundayPhoto don’t you agree? I’m not quite sure if shes casting a spell or brandishing a sword as she is obsessed with Wonder Woman at the minute, but whatever she’s doing, she’s doing it in style!

  • Spike outside the Charter Theatre Preston after Dear Zoo Live

    What’s Coming Next Mummy?! – Dear Zoo Live review

    This Easter we were very lucky to have tickets to head along to the Charter Theatre in Preston for a showing of Dear Zoo Live! Dear Zoo, celebrating it’s 35th year, has hit the stage for the first time. And with fantastic props, a great storyline and some great audience interaction, it’s the ideal place to take your little ones this Spring. The start of the show We head to the afternoon show at 2pm and took our very fortunate seats centre stage on the first row. I say took our seats – Spike didn’t want to sit in her seat as it kept trying to flip back up with her…

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    The ‘I don’t believe you’ phenomenon – talking about lifestyle choices with other women

    Have you got a lifestyle choice that is different to the norm? I have. I don’t want to get married. Ever. It’s not just a passing phase, and there are multiple reasons for it. But that is my choice, and I constantly have to defend it. Lately this has started really frustrating me. When I used to say it before me and T had Spike, I was told ‘You’ll feel differently once a baby comes along’. Then when Spike came along and we gave her my surname I was lectured at by the registrar. I was reminded not once, not twice, but FOUR times that I ‘would have to return…

  • Photo of chopped hair with caption Letting my hair down - a new style for mummy
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    Letting my hair down – A new style for mummy

    I have gorgeous long locks. Or should I say had? Until recently I had hair so long I could sit on it. People commented on it loads and I loved having it so long. Last month however, I decided it was time for a change and went in for the chop – big style! going in for the chop On a Saturday in February, I headed along to my local hairdresser and told him to just chop it off. I didn’t care what he did, I was just sick of it. I wanted to donate it to something like The Little Princess Trust but as its dyed a red/purple colour…