• Raising a cuppa for Pregnant Then Screwed's workplace Equali-tea day!
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    Mums want workplace Equali-TEA #mumsequalpayday

    According to the fantastic Pregnant Than Screwed today marks the day in the year where women start working for free. Today, due to the gender pay gap, marks the day where the 30% pay difference between mothers and similarly educated fathers shows. In true solidarity, the team over at Pregnant Then Screwed is asking mothers to take a break, put their feet up and share a cup of Equali-TEA! We all want workplace equality. I am lucky to have understanding employers. However today I am actually off for the day, having to take annual leave, due to my role as a working mother. Not only does today mark the day…

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    Working bank holidays – missing out on that extra little us time

    I work in the travel and tourism industry. Although I work an office job, I’m one of a small minority for my company. Therefore our contracts are written like those on the holiday parks we manage. We aren’t meant to have a large chunk of time off within July and August. And we work bank holidays as standard days. The only exception to this is Christmas. Working Bank Holidays I don’t really mind too much as my parents were never off on a bank holiday. I grew up in a shop where my parents time was spent working 7 days a week, 363 days a year. The only days they…

  • Picture of Spike at Lowther Castle with caption Fun at Lowther Castle - Days out in the Cumbrian Countryside
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    Days out in the North West – fun at Lowther Castle

    I first came across Lowther Castle on Facebook. I stumbled upon it, I’m not sure how. The reason it caught my eye was the epic play area, but more on that later. As soon as I heard about it, I wanted to visit. So where better to spend my 30th birthday? Deciding to visit Lowther Castle is a good hour and a half from our house. So I knew we’d need to clear a day out completely for our visit. I knew it was probably a bit too much for a weekend jaunt out. It was more of a special occasion type trip, which is why I thought I’d save…

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    There’s nothing like leaving it to the last minute – Planning a party

    Spike turned 3 recently, and we booked a local play centre for her party lsat weekend. Bad move, as we should have foreseen this beautiful weather and stolen the Mother In Law’s back garden like we did the year Spike turned 1… Darnit! With the party booked months ago, the actual date has crept up on me quite quickly. I only realised the other day that if I didn’t get my finger out and buy some decorations, we would be sat in a very bland party room. Theme ideas So the weekend before last was spent trying to figure out what theme to go for. This is very important for…

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    Growing, growing, grown up! – When adding 2cm is a cause for celebration

    Spike has been the same height for about a year now. You might think I’m kidding when I say this, but I’m seriously not. She’s teeny, I’ve written about it before. At football every week she is the shortest by almost an entire head, not that it stops her joining in! I know that growing is not a part of growing up. She’s getting cleverer and growing into her own personality all the time. I can see she’s growing up, but I can also see she’s not growing. I used to worry about it. but these days I take it for what it is. She’s healthy, she eats plenty and…

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    Friendship and non-judgement – my theory on being a better person

    Friendship is a weird thing isn’t it? You may have never thought about it but we all have friends. And I bet you all met those friends in a million different ways. We use our intuition at first to determine whether or not we want to talk to someone, get to know them better. Then we build on a tiny glimpse into their similarities to us to build a friendship. What gets me is that this tiny glimpse into that person’s life or personality is quite often the thing that makes us dismiss them too. And unless you are forced together, it means friendship hard. Friendships I have been thinking…

  • Upsy Daisy at In the Night Garden Live - use our In the Night Garden Live discount code for £5 off your 2018 purchase
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    In The night Garden Live 2018 – Discount code

    Is your little one obsessed with In the Night Garden? Would they love to go see Iggle Piggle and his mate live in their very own show? Well, In the night Garden Live will be perfect for you – and them! And what’s more, I have a great In the Night Garden Live discount code for you too. We went to the Manchester In the Night Garden Live show last year and Spike absolutely loved it. She loved seeing the characters she watched so frequently on TV come to life on the stage. This year might be a little different as she doesn’t seem to love the show as much.…

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    Our Valentine’s Day – A day like every other

    I love my partner. He works hard. Supports our family. Makes me laugh like no other. We have been together for nine amazing years. Have made a beautiful daughter together. We drive each other crazy. But love each other dearly. Yet none of that will ever, ever make me celebrate Valentine’s Day with him. We celebrated Valentine’s Day when we had first got together. We went out to Frankie and Benny’s and ate off their set menu. It was poncy. They had tried to make everything ‘perfect’ and we felt out of place. It was also stupidly expensive and was full of other try hard couples that we just had…

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    Dear Zoo Live – Coming to a stage near you!

    I’m sure many of you will remember the classic lift-the-flap book Dear Zoo from your own childhood – I know I do! It was a fantastic book full of every animal imaginable and I loved seeing which was behind which flap! I was over the moon when I got a copy for Spike when she was tiny. Even more when she loved it. It’s still battered and bruised on the bookshelf and comes out frequently. It’s even better now she can make the noises associated with each animal. Spike loves animals and the book just as much as I do. I was so excited to hear that Dear Zoo Live was…

  • Me and T at the zoo 9 years ago
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    9 years later – the story of one drunken night and where it has led to

    Picture the scene. Nine years ago, I was a 20 year old uni student. Working in River Island almost full time to pay for my drunken lifestyle. Coming out of one of the worst states I’ve been in when it comes to anxiety. I was in my second year at my second uni. Having transferred out of my first year into a different uni because of the people I met during my first year and the size they made me feel (very, very small). I was enjoying life with my best friend in a new city. New city, new me. That Christmas though, after 4 months of happiness, the anxiety…