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  • Gift guide for a 5 year old - what we’re treating Spike to this year blog title banner with two images. Image 1 is Spike looking longingly into Waterstones’ window and the send if spike running through the garden with Dr Zigs giant bubbles
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    Gift guide for a 5 year old – What we’re treating Spike to and what she is wishing for this year

    It’s May, which in our family means lots of birthdays. There are so many that when I found out I was due with Spike in the middle of the month, I thought there was no chance she wouldn’t share a birthday. She kept us waiting though and was born right at the end of the month. The day after her cousin’s birthday!  Gift buying amid lockdown   This year I started her birthday shopping early as I was worried that lockdown would affect shops delivering. So she hadn’t even started asking for things. Starting with the shopping in March meant I could gather interest in toys without her even questioning…

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    “I just want a crown please…. And a new fairy skirt” – Gift guide for an unusual four year old

    My child doesn’t follow any rules. She likes what she likes, does what she wants and is as stubborn as a mule. She loves going out and about and will find fun and excitement in anything. Tonight it was a snail shell found on the back doorstep. Which has gone to bed with her. Let’s hope there’s no snail still in it!  Due to this, it’s proven quite difficult for us to decide what to get her for her 4th birthday… don’t get me started on the fact she’s turning 4, I’m in bits. There’s nothing she needs, and not a great deal she’s taken a keen interest in. The…

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    Maybe a present for our friend? – A gift guide for a 3 year old who doesn’t want anything

    No word of a lie, my child is an odd one. Most nearly 3 year olds would have a list as tall as they are for birthday present ideas. Spike, on the other hand, just wants to get our friends baby a present instead. So I’m writing this gift guide for a 3 year old as things I believe she will enjoy for her upcoming birthday. Dress up items Spike does to dress up, but she only really does it at nursery as we didn’t have any dress up things until recently. I’ve noticed lots of other kids her age love it too and she will pretend to play dress…

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    Mama styles for Mother’s Day – My top 5 Mama sweatshirts

    Obviously Mother’s Day is round the corner, and us mum’s tend to like to get a little spoilt for it. My first Mother’s Day involved a gorgeous Apple Photobook to celebrate my first year of being a mum. Last year I got a Harry Potter cushion from Primark and a gorgeous photo frame which now holds a photo from the day, taken on the beach at one of my favourite places. It will be hard to top that, but one of the ways my darling partner could, is to get me a mama sweatshirt. I’ve been after one for a while, but I don’t want a proper in your face…

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    My Christmas Wishlist – A last minute gift guide for mummy or daddy

    With so many of us putting so much effort into our kids’ Christmas presents in the last month, it’s easy to forget about our partners. We want the perfect Christmas, but with just over a week to go, you better have remembered your loved one! I have really struggled this year with knowing what I want from friends and family. My mind has been full of making Christmas dinner for the family and ensuring Spike’s Christmas runs smoothly. When it came to her I was sorted a fair few weeks ago. Yet I know T still hasn’t managed to get me much! I thought I’d share a few ideas in…

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    The best slippers for this Christmas  – Mummy gift guide #1 

    I love getting new slippers. They usually have to be chosen by me, but even so, I love getting them as a gift at Christmas from loved ones. This year I am in desperate need of slippers on the grounds that my current pair have fallen apart and I’ve fallen on the stairs not once, not twice but three times… in the past 2 weeks. All because of them. So I decided I’d write a little Christmas gift guide for those of you looking for new slippers! I’ve been on the hunt for new ones, and I thought I’d share my top 5 with you all in case you are…

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    An alternative Father’s Day Gift Guide

    I know, I know. Father’s Day is quite literally just around the corner. But its not too late to order something. However, if your partner is like mine, you will need a bit of a difference to the usually gift guides you find on the retailers’ sites. I thought help by sharing my alternative Father’s Day gift guide with you all. 1. Marvel Trivia Quiz Small but perfectly formed presents are always a great thing for dad’s for father’s day.  Thats why I’m including this. At only £5, the Marvel Trivia Quiz is something me and him can play together for fun, and something he can use to tach Spike…

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    Tops gifts for a two year old

    Two is an incredibly difficult age to buy for. The baby toys that are in the shops are too babyish for Spike. The majority of toys for older kids are 3+ due to small parts. So needless to say, I’ve struggled to find the perfect toys for Spike this birthday. This gift guide for a two year old is more, my list of things I’ve bought for Spike, mixed with things I would buy if I had more money! 1.  Duplo The days of a few blocks that you made a shape out of are long gone. Nowadays you can get so many different Duplo sets that give life to…