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    Let’s Do That Again! – A Summer Day at Gulliver’s World

    Spike and I went to Gulliver’s World together two years ago, it was a gorgeous July day, before the school’s broke up. We went with her nursery as a final trip before she left. The entire day pretty much was spent with her best friend and her mum. Therefore Spike had fond memories and has begged to go back ever since Our First Gulliver’s World Trip As mentioned, it was July, a weekday and glorious. There wasn’t a single queue for anything and it felt like Spike’s nursery group were the only visitors. We got on everything within minutes. We rode the Wriggler rollercoaster 4 times without actually getting off.…

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    Our plans for Summer 2020 – What we’ll be doing during Spike’s first summer holidays

    Summer 2020 was meant to be Spike’s first proper ‘summer holidays’. With me and T both working full time we arranged a week at Spike’s aunty’s for her, and a week off work together for a holiday. With the rest of the summer spent at kids club for Spike. But of course, because of Covid-19, things were a little up in the air. Now though, it seems to have settled and as long as a second wave doesn’t arrive we’ve got things sorted – though they have changed. Working full time in school holidays We always knew that having full time, 9-5 jobs meant that some of the summer would…

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    Our Post-Lockdown Wishlist – Days out and things Spike is looking forward to when we can start the new normal

    Early on in Lockdown Spike was asking a lot of questions about the things that we could not do. It was devastating to hear her ask to visit people, see friends and go on her favourite days out and have to say no. While the questions have stopped, the wishing has started. Spike refers to the lockdown period we are in as the ‘Nasty Bug Days’. She often wishes to do things as soon as these days are over. I have told her we’ll keep a list of all the things she wants to do and try and get to them as soon as we can. Here’s just a few…

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    A super busy half term – Our long weekend in County Durham

    So its taken me ages to get round to writing this. Spike has been a little difficult lately and it has stopped me from wanting to write anything. We’re finally over what I’m hoping is the worst of it but we’ll see. The difficult bit started just after we got back from our lovely little holiday in County Durham. It’s kinda put a dampener on the holiday but we had so much fun while there that I have to share some of the highlights, in the hope that it encourages more people to visit this little part of England that doesn’t seem to get many visitors!  County Durham as a holiday…

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    Trying to meet our holiday desires – Where shall we go this year?

    So last year, we decided to holiday in the familiar. We haven’t really done any holidays for years but wanted to take Spike away. So we opted for a Just for Tots break at the Butlins we took L to 9 years ago. This year, we are a little more strapped for cash as we have decided to put more into savings in the hope we can buy a house sooner. So we are choosing our holidays wisely. Butlin’s Minehead T’s family are heading to Butlin’s Minehead in August, as my nephew is at school already. A week is coming at just under £900 and that is for the worst…

  • read our Butlin's Just For Tots review with mummy and Spike enjoying the giant deckchair
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    We went on holiday! It’s gone now – A Butlin’s Just for Tots review

    Today I thought I’d finally get our Butlin’s Just For Tots review written and posted for you all to enjoy! Butlin’s needs no introduction for many of you as it’s a big deal in the UK for family holidays. We opted for a trip to their Minehead resort because thats the resort we visited with my Stepson 9 years ago.  We have special memories of that trip and we wanted to revisit with Spike. The Just For Tots holiday, aimed at children under 5, seemed perfect for us too! Our road trip At just over 4.5 hours, we split our drive down there up a bit. Read all about there…

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    Parents night off; Leeds, a band no-one has ever heard of and an interesting hotel stay

    So last month me and T took to the road for a rare parents night off. We’ve had a few of these since Spike was born but they are few and far between. They usually contain a quick journey into Preston for a meal and a couple of drinks then a decent nights sleep while her Grandma has to deal with her. This time though, things were a bit more special, and we went a little further… to Leeds, in fact. I grew up in the North East so Leeds was always just down the road for me. This was even more so for the year I studied in York.…

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    Spike’s first holiday!

    “Lets go camping!” One of T’s mates suggests… “That would be fun,” I think, especially when glamping is mentioned… “Of course we’ll join you” I reply. Then dates are thrown around… last weekend in July is decided on and there’s no glamping pods available. So Friday 24th July sees me running around the house, filling up the car, working out exactly what we’ll need to accommodate me, T, L and Spike for the next two days. Because, yes, that’s right, we had decided to take an 8 week old camping. At not even two months old Spike went on her first holiday, in a tent. And actually it wasn’t half…

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    Our pre-baby break

    So when I first found out I was pregnant all the websites I read and the apps I downloaded suggested that during your second trimester that the mum and dad-to-be should go away, spend some quality time together before the baby comes along and that kinda stuff isn’t possible anymore. It was obvious that this pre-baby break – or baby moon which I have heard it be known *shudder* – would have to take place on the last weekend of a month as we don’t have T’s son then, and January, albeit cold and miserable, was the perfect month. It was before I hit the 27 week/third trimester mark and once…