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    #MySundayPhoto – Bee beautiful at Lowther Castle

    Usually I share photos of Spike for #MySundayPhoto but this week I thought I’d do something a little different. We travelled up to Lowther Castle for my birthday on Tuesday and spent the whole day enjoying nature. Spike loved it, I loved it and T struggled towards the end because it was warm and we’d done lots of walking! Even then though, I think he loved it too! Whilst exploring one of the castle’s areas – Shap Abbey Steps – which Spike found beautiful, we discovered a little friend taking some nectar from a plant. This little bee was so busy and so beautiful I thought I just had to…

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    #MySundayPhoto – Meeting Baby R

    This weeks sunday photo is an extra special one. We went to see T’s sister yesterday who has just given birth to Baby R. Her third boy, our nephew and Spike’s new cousin. This little bundle of joy and cuteness means Spike is no longer the baby in her dads side of the family. But thats ok, because it was love at first mention and she’s been desperate to meet him since she heard there was a baby in her aunty’s tummy. Obviously this isn’t an arty shot. It’s not one to brag about, especially with Spike’s dodgy hair (she styled it herself) but you can see all the love…

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    My Sunday Photo – 1st July 2018

    Yesterday we spent the day with friends at a beautiful wedding. This unusual British weather we’re having proved to be the perfect backdrop and T managed to capture this stunning image of my girl in the evening sun at around 6:30! I love everything about this photo. She was being super mischievous so has the cutest smile. The lighting was just at the right level and the colours in her dress fit in with the natural setting. It, as I say, isn’t one of my photos but it captures everything I love about my girl and photography. Props to the Mr for getting it when I couldn’t… I was holding…

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    My Sunday Photo – 28/01/2018

    Me and Spike are very lucky to know lots of awesome mums and kids. Yesterday was the 1st birthday party of a friend of mine who I have got a lot closer to over the last 2 years. We met through my best friend and have a fair bit in common so it’s always good to spend some time with her. Spike had so much fun playing at the party once she got into it, and with some stern words and guidance, also enjoyed playing with S, my friends little boy. By the end of the afternoon she didn’t want to leave him alone and was chasing after him saying…

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    My Sunday Photo

    #MySundayPhoto – 05/11/2017

      This week has been a strange week. Its gone stupidly fast and had been packed with lots of stuff – but so much so I barely have any photos from any of it! We went to London but that was full of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (not allowed cameras!), silly selfies and not many decent photos – especially none to highlight as the best. The trip was just me and T, with my best friend and her hubby so there were no pics of Spike with us either. I spent Friday off work with my family but with Spike in a mood most of the afternoon and…

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    My Sunday Photo – 24/09/2017

      We’ve been on holiday this week and I’ve loved spending so much time with Spike. We’ve had a great time and there were so many photos that I could have shared for #MySundayPhoto but I had to choose this one. Spike was so excited to see the Teletubbies live and I loved seeing her so animated during the show!    

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    My Sunday Photo – 03/09/2017

    This weekend saw us finally swap Spike’s cot into its bed form. She was so happy to be getting a big girl bed! There will be a full post about it on the blog soon. But for now I thought I’d share this beautiful capture of her when we showed her the bed for the first time! I think its the happiest #MySundayPhoto yet!

  • my sunday photo from August 7th to 13th - Enjoying the bridge at Lytham Park View Park featured image
    My Sunday Photo,  Photography

    My Sunday Photo – 13/08/2017

      For this weeks My Sunday Photo I wanted to share a perfect capture that my partner got on Monday. We took to Park View Park in Lytham to check it out. We only had an hour spare but it’s definitely a place we’ll be going to lots. The reason I love this picture so much is because it shows how brave Spike is becoming. She had no second thoughts when it came to walking across this bridge at all and loved it. It was probably about 5 1/2 foot off the floor at its highest and was only a thin rope across the bottom! Her concentration face is awesome.…

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    My Sunday Photo 30/07/2017

    We went to the zoo this week. And loved seeing everything! Even if it was a bit wet! This has to be my favourite picture from our day. Things brightened up after lunch and we went into the Dinosaur Safari. Spike loved pointing out the big dinosaurs and stroking the little ones! I thought I'd share a photo of her doing just that for our #MySundayPhoto

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    My Sunday photo 23/07/2017

    Me and my little mini me attended the wedding of one of my oldest friends yesterday and had the best day. I absolutely adore this picture of us that I managed to capture on my phone's front camera. I don't usually usually like pictures taken on the front camera but the gorgeous weather helped make this one special so I thought it would make a great #MySundayPhoto