• My Sunday Photo

    #MySundayPhoto 09/07/2017

    Yesterday we headed to the seaside to see some “fishes” at Blackpool Sealife Centre. We had the best day and you’ll be hearing all about it on the blog in the next week or so! I had to share this beautiful picture with you today for the My Sunday Photo linky though as it makes me so happy. Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends and are enjoying the weather! 

  • My Sunday Photo

    #MySundayPhoto 25/6/2017 

    We spent the day at Morecambe yesterday for the annual Catch The Wind Kite Fesitval. It was awesome to see so many massive kites but the highlight was the Javanese Gamelan stage in ‘The Platform’ and the under 5’s Gamelan musical play stall in the promenade grounds.  I captured this picture of Spike enjoying herself in the Gamelan tunnel (see below!)  that was so amazing I wanted to bring it home with us! She never wanted to leave and I think it makes for a perfect #mySundayPhoto 

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    My Sunday Photo

    My Sunday Photo 18/6/2017 – Father’s Day

    It’s Father’s Day, which can only mean one thing. Today will be spent treating Daddy to exactly what he wants and needs. Spike loves her daddy so much and I wanted to celebrate him in our #MySundayPhoto this week. This was taken yesterday at a local festival and acts as a perfect reminder that Daddy will always be there to hold Spike’s hand. I adore it as much as I adore him/ Happy Father’s Day T!

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    My Sunday Photo,  Photography

    My Sunday Photo 4/6/2017

    Despite it being Spike’s second birthday on Monday just gone, we’ve not had a great week photo wise. She hates having her photo taken at the minute. She barely stands still long enough to get a decent one even when she’s unaware of the camera too! I love this one taken yesterday at one of our mainly local parks. She was scared by the gruffalo but loved the tortoise and just wanted to keep going back to it. Cutie. Photo credit obviously goes to my beautiful boyfriend, T, as I wanted to have a rare pic with our little girl.

  • My Sunday Photo

    My Sunday Photo 7/5/2017

    We’ve had a good week this week with, I think, fewer meltdowns. Probably because Spike has been sleeping a bit better!  I’ve been wanting to go to a bluebell wood for the last couple of weeks and yesterday we managed to stumble upon on by accident. It was small but within walking distance of our house and Spike was happy with our find! 

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    My Sunday Photo 23/04/2017

    For this week’s My Sunday Photo I thought I would go with a theme of friendship.  I love this photo because it just shows how amazing little ones can be. These two love each other to the point of holding hands and cuddling even when one of them may smell a little sicky. They’ve been friends since they were just a few weeks old and A’s mummy and I met at a baby group.  I love this picture because they both look so engrossed in what the cow is doing! They looked at everything with such innocent eyes and loved their day at the farm! 

  • My-sunday-photo-02-04-2017
    My Sunday Photo

    My Sunday Photo 02/04/2017

    It’s been a while since I joined in with #MySundayPhoto but I’m making a conscious effort to make sure I do. I’d like to join in at least every other week because I enjoy seeing other peoples’ photos so much. This week saw us take a visit to Heaton Park. Its a cheap day out at just £1.50 for parking, a free (albeit small) animal centre, and a large, very accessible park to walk round. We didn’t make it to the play area because it was so busy, but Spike had fun playing in the flowers. I’ve wanted to try and get some pictures of her in the daffodils since…

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    My Sunday Photo

    My Sunday Photo 05/03/2017

    This weekend I’ve nipped up to my parents house alone with Spike. It’s always a worry not having T with me as we’re never sure how she’ll sleep and it’s a 100 mile drive how after the visit. Thankfully she wasn’t too bad last night but napping today wasn’t happening in the house so I took her for a walk. I love how much countryside there is around their village. This was taken just over 5 mins from their house up a lane where I built dens with my friends when I was a kid. She had not long fallen asleep and I thought it would make a nice picture…

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    My Sunday Photo

    My Sunday Photo 29/01/17

      Spike has been desperate to walk everywhere lately so when we out today I decided to take her backpack with us. We let her walk a bit more that usual and it was slow going but she loved it. We’ve had such a wonderful week. Spike has really bloomed lately thanks to a lot of work from us and nursery. She’s finally started talking more lately and I nearly cried when she said ‘Please’ for a biscuit the other day. She’s copying stuff a lot more though and is obsessed with ‘Miss Polly has a Dolly’ so keeps walking around swinging her arms saying ‘Sick, sick, sick’ which at…

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    My Sunday Photo

    My Sunday Photo 15/01/17

    There’s something to be said for lazy Sunday afternoons spent at home. Especially when you get a Sunday Photo like this! We usually do something, even if its just nip into town, on both days at the weekend. There we make sure that we stop off at a play centre or the park for Spike. This week though we’ve done nothing. She was at Diddikicks yesterday then I had a girly afternoon out and today we couldn’t agree on what to do, so we stayed in. I loved it though. Getting to see her play with toys she got for Christmas that she hasn’t really played with yet. Picking up on…