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    Thank you for helping shape Spike into the girl she has become – An open letter to my daughter’s nursery

    Dear Spike’s nursery, For the last 3 and half years you have looked after Spike when I couldn’t. There were days when I needed to drop her off because she was testing my patience and others, more, when I wished that I could stay with her. But each and every time I left her, I knew she was safe.  She was being looked after by people that loved her. People who I could trust. People I knew would keep her safe no matter what.  When Spike started, she was only with you 2 days a week. But she was treated like any other. The enthusiasm I got from all the…

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    Working bank holidays – missing out on that extra little us time

    I work in the travel and tourism industry. Although I work an office job, I’m one of a small minority for my company. Therefore our contracts are written like those on the holiday parks we manage. We aren’t meant to have a large chunk of time off within July and August. And we work bank holidays as standard days. The only exception to this is Christmas. Working Bank Holidays I don’t really mind too much as my parents were never off on a bank holiday. I grew up in a shop where my parents time was spent working 7 days a week, 363 days a year. The only days they…

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    Stress, tiredness and a sad Spike – Our latest experience moving rooms at Nursery

    Moving rooms at Nursery is hard work for some kids. Spike is in a relatively small nursery. There are three main rooms baby, toddler and preschool. Having been in the same nursery since 9 months old, Spike has now moved nursery rooms twice, once from baby to toddler room, and recently from toddler to preschool. Moving rooms at Nursery Obviously the main reason they move kids from one room to the next is because of the educational learning possibilities vary by age. Spike’s nursery has three rooms but others may have more, some even may have none. I believe its rare for a nursery to be one large age range,…