• Get 50% off your first Buckt Box with this code and enjoy Date Nights every month!
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    The ideal subscription box for your partner this Christmas – get 50% off Manchester’s Buckt subscription!

    Are you always looking for things you and your partner can get up to on those oh so important date nights? I know I am. They are few and far between for me and T these days. After Spike was born we forgot about making time for each other. But I’m hoping Buckt will change that! What is Buckt? Buckt is a subscription box which gives you 5 activities to take part in each month. For just £25 you and your partner can book onto the activities with no extra charge. Launched for Greater Birmingham, the company has 5 stars on Trustpilot and Facebook, and is now available for us…

  • What to expect when you give blood for the first time
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    “Oh! Mummy, what have you done!” – My Friday night giving blood

    Back in August I made the decision to finally look into giving blood. I can’t remember what spurred me on. It’s something I have wanted to do for ages. I looked into it a few years ago but I had had a tattoo recently. Then I looked again after having Spike. But too soon after having her. Finally, last Friday night, I was able to donate my first pint of blood. The rules around giving blood There are a lot of rule around giving blood. You can’t have had a tattoo in the last 4 months. Have had a child or been pregnant in the last 6 months. You have…

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    Knowledge, age and confidence – what is the deciding factor in believing in yourself

    Did you, as a teenager, look at most adults and think about how put together they were? To me, most adults seemed to exude confidence, and I remember thinking “one day, one day I’ll be like them.” I’ve always been an anxious person. There are different types of confidence. I come across as confident to some people because I do what I want to do. As someone who chooses not to shave, to wear what I want and do what makes me happy, I can come across as confident. But I am not. There is being comfortable in yourself, and there is being comfortable projecting what you believe you know…

  • Photo of chopped hair with caption Letting my hair down - a new style for mummy
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    Letting my hair down – A new style for mummy

    I have gorgeous long locks. Or should I say had? Until recently I had hair so long I could sit on it. People commented on it loads and I loved having it so long. Last month however, I decided it was time for a change and went in for the chop – big style! going in for the chop On a Saturday in February, I headed along to my local hairdresser and told him to just chop it off. I didn’t care what he did, I was just sick of it. I wanted to donate it to something like The Little Princess Trust but as its dyed a red/purple colour…

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    Friendship and non-judgement – my theory on being a better person

    Friendship is a weird thing isn’t it? You may have never thought about it but we all have friends. And I bet you all met those friends in a million different ways. We use our intuition at first to determine whether or not we want to talk to someone, get to know them better. Then we build on a tiny glimpse into their similarities to us to build a friendship. What gets me is that this tiny glimpse into that person’s life or personality is quite often the thing that makes us dismiss them too. And unless you are forced together, it means friendship hard. Friendships I have been thinking…

  • Level in Preston's door with the caption Taking our parents night out to a new level in preston's latest entertainment venue
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    Taking our parents night out to a new ‘Level’ – Preston’s latest entertainment venue

    In the midst of tackling the terrible twos its always a good idea to get out and about. Which is what me and T did on Wednesday night – hitting the new venue in Preston Level. I’d heard mummerings of a brand new multi-purpose venue coming to Preston a while back, but slowing they solidified into the announcement of a whole complex in the top end of town, within the Guild Hall. What is Level? Its a brand new entertainment venue in Preston’s Guild Hall. Boasting bowling alley, with Laser Tag, crazy golf, assault course, bar and more! A place I have only known from my Graduation Ceremony I wasn’t sure…

  • Creative goodies sent to me from Viking Direct for Celebrating International Literacy Day
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    Celebrating books with Viking – Getting creative for International Literacy Day

    I love literature. That won’t come as a shock to those who know I started my blogging life as a book blogger. These days I don’t get chance to read as much as I used to, but I still love books. It’s a love that I have been desperate to share. And thanks to Viking Direct’s International Literacy Day hamper, me and Spike got to celebrate books together! Due to my love of books and promoting reading, I have had lots of amazing opportunities. Viking recently got in touch and asked if they could provide a hamper of creative goodies for us to use in order to celebrate our favourite…

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    Mummy’s day off… A rainy day in York

    A rare mummy’s day off one Saturday found me making my way to York. Stupidly early, I jumped on the train from my now home town of Preston to my once home town of York. There I met one of my best friends – known here as S-, another friend – N-, and a few of their friends for a chat, cocktails and, all importantly, a Harry Potter Geek Out! You’ve possibly heard of The Shop That Must Not Be Named? Or, possibly not. If you are a Harry Potter geek, like me and my friends, then it’s likely you have done. This shop is the newest stop on the…

  • Liv-bloggers-ignite-2017-blog-event-write-up-free-event
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    #LivBloggersIgnite event

    On April 1st I managed to bag myself a space at the #LivBloggersIgnite event set up by the lovely Ruth at Ruth Writes. It was a fantastic event full of inspirational speakers and amazing bloggers! The event took place at Rojo Pinchos in Liverpool (hence it’s name). I travelled down with Jenny from Chilling With Lucas having met her before at the Walk with Wynsors event. We chat online and it was great to spend some time with her without the babas around. We found our way to Rojo Pinchos early so waited outside were we met Abi from Blue Striped Squared. Inside everyone was met with a glass of cava…

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    The Bedtime Tag

    I was tagged in the Bedtime Tag by Lisa at That British Betty Blog to answer a few questions about my bedtime routine – thanks Lisa! Describe your usual bedtime routine. I walk upstairs quietly (Spike’s bedroom is at the top of the stairs!) and go into my bedroom. Putting the baby monitor into its charging holder, I put anything else down I may have taken upstairs and head into the bathroom. There I brush my teeth, fill up my glass with water and nip to the loo. Then I check on Spike and on cold nights put her blanket on her. I go from there into my room where I…