• Spike enjoying her new Diddikicks football group
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    Welcome to the Mids – Spike’s new Diddikicks football group

    As many of you may know from my Instagram, Spike goes to football every Saturday morning. It was important to me when I started working Full Time that I did something for her every weekend. I tried Diddikicks because I thought it would be perfect. She loves ball games, the classes were on a good time and I thought it wouldn’t hurt having her run around a hall for an hour every weekend. First impressions of football She loved it after a matter of weeks. Getting excited when she knows she’s going to football to see her friends. We started Diddikicks with two of her friends, ones we met at baby…

  • Level in Preston's door with the caption Taking our parents night out to a new level in preston's latest entertainment venue
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    Taking our parents night out to a new ‘Level’ – Preston’s latest entertainment venue

    In the midst of tackling the terrible twos its always a good idea to get out and about. Which is what me and T did on Wednesday night – hitting the new venue in Preston Level. I’d heard mummerings of a brand new multi-purpose venue coming to Preston a while back, but slowing they solidified into the announcement of a whole complex in the top end of town, within the Guild Hall. What is Level? Its a brand new entertainment venue in Preston’s Guild Hall. Boasting bowling alley, with Laser Tag, crazy golf, assault course, bar and more! A place I have only known from my Graduation Ceremony I wasn’t sure…

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    Personalised Christmas gift ideas from Photowall – our holiday memory captured

    My family are a very sentimental bunch. So when looking for Christmas gifts I always look for the personal touch. They are the type of family that love things that mean something special to them, even if it won’t make sense to anyone else. Thats why my sister gets presents with Llamas on, and why I almost always look for photo related bits for my mum. Christmas gift ideas from Photowall This Christmas I stumbled across Photowall and decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to get an early gift for my partner, and a bit for me too. We recently went on holiday to Butlin’s and have an…

  • read our Butlin's Just For Tots review with mummy and Spike enjoying the giant deckchair
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    We went on holiday! It’s gone now – A Butlin’s Just for Tots review

    Today I thought I’d finally get our Butlin’s Just For Tots review written and posted for you all to enjoy! Butlin’s needs no introduction for many of you as it’s a big deal in the UK for family holidays. We opted for a trip to their Minehead resort because thats the resort we visited with my Stepson 9 years ago.  We have special memories of that trip and we wanted to revisit with Spike. The Just For Tots holiday, aimed at children under 5, seemed perfect for us too! Our road trip At just over 4.5 hours, we split our drive down there up a bit. Read all about there…

  • The amazing Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon in all its gorgeousness
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    Walking in the ghost of amazing footsteps – Shakespeare’s Birthplace Review

    With a long, long journey ahead of us for our holiday we decided to break things up  bit. When we looked at what was half way between home and our destination Stratford-Upon-Avon really jumped out at me. Its in the ideal spot, 2.5 hours from home and from Minehead, and has loads of amazing places to visit. Of course high on my list of possible places to visit was the Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust buildings. My love of Shakespeare Me being the massive literature nerd that I am, I really wanted to walk the streets of Stratford-Upon-Avon. I wanted to see what had become of the place where the amazing Shakespeare…

  • Peppa's laugh & Learn Alphaphonics toy review featured image
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    Toys for long journeys – Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics™ review

    Spike has recently started to love Peppa Pig. Seriously, its all she talks about. She either wants to watch Peppa, read Peppa, or wear Peppa. It’s driving me insane, but keeps her happy. So when the chance came to review Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics toy I had a sneaky suspicious it would go down a treat! We received the toy in the middle of July, which was perfect timing. We had a long drive up to my parents, at a time when she wouldn’t really nap well in the car. The journey is almost two hours so I needed something to keep her happy! I unwrapped Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics™ and…

  • What2buy4kids toy shop review featured image

    Spoiling Spike silly – A What2Buy4Kids toy shop review

    We were lucky enough to get the chance to spoil Spike silly last weekend. The fantastic What2buy4kids asked us to pop by and take a look around. And buy Spike a few things in the process. This brilliant shop in Southport is just a short drive from our hometown so we jumped at the chance! Southport is fast becoming a great place to visit for us as a family. It is easily accessible and has lots to do. Its a town dedicated to keeping everyone happy, with something for all the family. There are shops for the essentials, or even the “I need that and the weekend is the only…

  • T-Rex at Jurassic Kingdom Tour in Blackpool against a gorgeous blue sky backdrop
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    Dinosaur got my finger! A Jurassic Kingdom Tour review

    It was my birthday earlier this week. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I spent the day in the best way possible. With Dinosaurs at the Jurassic Kingdom Tour in Blackpool! I’m a fan of dinosaurs, everything about them fascinates me. The way they lived before man, the way they show evolution. The way we think we know so much about them but in actual fact its all guess work. I love the dinosaur species names and how they have been thought of and how you can make everything into a raptor or a saurus! Dinosaurs are a big feature in my house so its…

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    My name is Iggle Piggle… An In the Night Garden Live review

    On Sunday afternoon we headed to the Trafford Centre. Its not the ideal place to head to on a rainy looking Sunday but we did it for a special occasion. The occasion being the In The Night Garden Live showing that was happening that very afternoon! One of the first show’s Spike watched, In the Night Garden has always been a hit in our house. She dislikes Iggle Piggle, but loves Makka Pakka and Upsy Daisy. She also likes it when we since the Tomliboo song to her while she’s brushing her teeth. So we expected the live show to be a hit too. However after sorting the tickets out…

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    Chomping on Ah-At – A Matchstick Monkey review

    Spike has all but finished teething. However I did notice a few weeks ago an increase in her biting her clothes. And trying to take a chunks outta my leg. So I thought a teething toy might do the trick. She’s a little old for the baby toys these days but I think the sophisticated Matchstick Monkey’s might do the trick. Thankfully her new green ‘Ah-At’ has done the trick nicely.   Communication is key for us With her being a little older, Spike can now tell me whats up more. However she doesn’t always do this, option for crying or being a genuine monster instead. If I think teething…