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    ‘Hey Siri! Play me Bing!’ – How my child talks to technology

    Its a weird world we live in isn’t it? Talking to technology has become a reality for many of us, with “Alexa” that and “Hey Siri” this. I took it in my stride and thought nothing of it when it all started, but when Spike started following suit it made me laugh. Talking to technology is something that isn’t going to go away. In fact its going to become part of everyday life more and more. It’s becoming more ingrained into everything we do with every new device that comes out and for the most part it helps. It is a bit of a novelty for us, but its completely…

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    The Youtube app every parent needs – Youtube Kids

    I wrote a few months ago about how to toddler proof your iPhone using the guided access feature of the product. Now I’m going to help you out further by sharing my experiences with the Youtube Kids app with you. Youtube app for iPhone Basically I find the Youtube App pretty shocking. I hate that you can’t return to a search easily and that you need to move the screen around to get full screen. I dislike the way content is displayed and if you are passing it to a child to watch, I very much dislike how much is going on on screen to distract them. There are suggested…

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    A simple way to toddlerproof your iPhone – guided access

    Ok, admit it… Who is guilty of handing their iPhone over to their toddler to keep them quiet? It happens. Sometimes you just have to get something done while they have 10 minutes of Peppa Pig. Now, admit it, who does it without locking their phone down first? Who has made the mistake of handing that phone over and realising that iPlayer is off and something they shouldn’t be on is on. Have they clicked onto your Facebook, called your boss, or found the camera and checked themselves and everyone else out? Did you know there is a very, very simple way to toddlerproof your iPhone or iPad? I do, with a…