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    Stress, tiredness and a sad Spike – Our latest experience moving rooms at Nursery

    Moving rooms at Nursery is hard work for some kids. Spike is in a relatively small nursery. There are three main rooms baby, toddler and preschool. Having been in the same nursery since 9 months old, Spike has now moved nursery rooms twice, once from baby to toddler room, and recently from toddler to preschool. Moving rooms at Nursery Obviously the main reason they move kids from one room to the next is because of the educational learning possibilities vary by age. Spike’s nursery has three rooms but others may have more, some even may have none. I believe its rare for a nursery to be one large age range,…

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    I need a weeeeee! – Potty training update #3

    Spike starting potty training back in January and I wrote about it here, and a bit here. But I haven’t given a full update since and I thought it was about time, now that she’s now dry through the night and rarely has any accidents anymore. Quick results We decided to do the quick change thing of going cold turkey with nappies from the start. Spike was only wearing nappies for bed from day 1 and she did really well, really quickly. Within a few weeks there were no accidents and she was telling us without being reminded about going to the potty. Night time potty training One night, between…

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    There’s nothing like leaving it to the last minute – Planning a party

    Spike turned 3 recently, and we booked a local play centre for her party lsat weekend. Bad move, as we should have foreseen this beautiful weather and stolen the Mother In Law’s back garden like we did the year Spike turned 1… Darnit! With the party booked months ago, the actual date has crept up on me quite quickly. I only realised the other day that if I didn’t get my finger out and buy some decorations, we would be sat in a very bland party room. Theme ideas So the weekend before last was spent trying to figure out what theme to go for. This is very important for…

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    Clothes shopping for Spike – Bending the gender stereotype rules

    We delved into the deepest darkest part of town last weekend, Primark! I say this because our local Primark is like a jumble sale. Its horrible, with clothes thrown everywhere and people getting in your way constantly. We got round this a little by visiting between 10:30 and 11am on a Sunday morning – when you can’t even buy anything. It helped. There were far fewer people in there than there normally are and Spike was still happy at that time of the day. We hit the grown up section first, with me grabbing new leggings and a skirt as quickly as I could before she started moaning. I picked…

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    Growing, growing, grown up! – When adding 2cm is a cause for celebration

    Spike has been the same height for about a year now. You might think I’m kidding when I say this, but I’m seriously not. She’s teeny, I’ve written about it before. At football every week she is the shortest by almost an entire head, not that it stops her joining in! I know that growing is not a part of growing up. She’s getting cleverer and growing into her own personality all the time. I can see she’s growing up, but I can also see she’s not growing. I used to worry about it. but these days I take it for what it is. She’s healthy, she eats plenty and…

  • Spike sat on a trolley at Ikea during potty training start up. What they don't tell you is how to dress your child during potty training.
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    Practicalities of potty training – dressing my dear daughter 

    As you have probably seen, we are currently potty training Spike. It’s going well and she’s hardly having any accidents. She’s still in a nappy at night but thats all, and we’ll work on that one soon enough. We haven’t tackled long car journeys, or a whole day out yet. Those things will come in time, I’m sure. But we have realised, and quite quickly, that there are now certain clothes that are pretty much a no-go. Dungarees We love dungeress. Or I do. Spike will put up with them because I tell her she looks awesome in them. We have a few pairs of denim dungs, a couple of…

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    Our Potty training adventures – one week on

    Spike has been potty training for little over a week now. I posted last week about how nursery were helping us start this adventure, and its safe to say its been going well. Potty Training technique Nursery opted to start taking her to the toilet every half an hour. She wore knickers from day one. We have pull-ups at home that I’ll use for either night time or long car journeys. I wanted to go for the straight into knicker approach straight away, and I’m glad we have. She had a fair few accidents on the first day, but by the second afternoon she was telling them when she needed…

  • A selection of Spike's potty training knickers
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    Taking help where its offered – the start of our Potty Training adventure

    I have known that Spike was pretty much ready for potty training for a few weeks now. Just before Christmas we bought her knickers. Then on Christmas Eve she proudly asked if she could wear them. I told her she could wear them over her nappy because it wasn’t a good idea to potty train with all the excitement of visiting her grandma and getting lots of presents. We were also due to spend a lot of the Christmas break away from home. Not a great recipe for potty training. So I decided to put it off until the New Year weekend when we’d be home. New Year Weekend disasters…

  • Spike in bed, waiting for her cuddle and kiss with her toys bedtime stalling again
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    Cuddle kiss, Mummy | Bedtime stalling from our two year old

    Strong willed and stubborn, Spike makes it known if something isn’t to her liking. This is why our toddler, who has been great at going to bed since we initiated a bedtime routine, is turning into a bit of a monster. Fully embracing the toddler bedtime stalling phase means that our quick 20 minute bedtime routine is now nearly double the amount of time! Spike used to go upstairs, brush teeth, get dressed and drink a bottle. Once done she would lie down and listen to her story. She’d then go straight to sleep. Now, all that still happens, but with a variety of other things in between. We go…

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    Toys for long journeys – Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics™ review

    Spike has recently started to love Peppa Pig. Seriously, its all she talks about. She either wants to watch Peppa, read Peppa, or wear Peppa. It’s driving me insane, but keeps her happy. So when the chance came to review Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics toy I had a sneaky suspicious it would go down a treat! We received the toy in the middle of July, which was perfect timing. We had a long drive up to my parents, at a time when she wouldn’t really nap well in the car. The journey is almost two hours so I needed something to keep her happy! I unwrapped Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics™ and…