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  • Two images of me and my 5 year old daughter, in the first we are inside, we both have dresses and a head band on. Hers is a black dress with a black space headband, mine is a green cam dinosaur dress with matching headband. In the second photo we are outside, Spike is stood on a wall higher than me, I have a fake leather jacket on with a blue mexican inspired lindy bop dress and snag tights in the beach bum blue colour and my doc martens on. In between each photo is a blog graphic with the blog title 'expressing myself with clothes I love' written on it and an illustration which is an outline of a dress
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    Expressing myself with clothes I love – My quest to completely revitalise my wardrobe

    I used to have a strong sense of my own style. I have always worn what I want and not cared what other people thought of me for it. When I was a teenager I was a full on goth – black baggy cords, chains, hot pink stripes on my shirts, the lot. Then I went to uni and again I had a strange style, it wasn’t mainstream, it was what I could find in the shops that I loved. Losing the strange styles I started getting more mainstream when I graduated and started working. My ‘strange’ clothes were reserved for nights out. I have never worn ‘Smart’ clothes for…

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    Mama styles for Mother’s Day – My top 5 Mama sweatshirts

    Obviously Mother’s Day is round the corner, and us mum’s tend to like to get a little spoilt for it. My first Mother’s Day involved a gorgeous Apple Photobook to celebrate my first year of being a mum. Last year I got a Harry Potter cushion from Primark and a gorgeous photo frame which now holds a photo from the day, taken on the beach at one of my favourite places. It will be hard to top that, but one of the ways my darling partner could, is to get me a mama sweatshirt. I’ve been after one for a while, but I don’t want a proper in your face…

  • My selection of wardrobe wishes from Next clothing
    Wardrobe wishlist

    Holiday wardrobe wishlist – My Next clothing selection for Spike

    I love Next clothing. I buy it all the time and spend far too much time in the shop. T always shouts at me for it, but I don’t care. Its good quality and for the most part its not too expensive. They also manage to have things that are a little ‘different’ a lot of the time. The outfit in the image above is from Next and I think it suits Spike so much! Thats why when I was thinking about clothing for our upcoming holiday I thought to check out Next’s latest collections. This time of year is a tough one for me because I like bright colours…