Wallace and Gromit’s Musical Marvels Tour
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Celebrating 30 cracking years of Wallace and Gromit – Wallace and Gromit’s Musical Marvels Tour review

On Saturday we headed along to Blackpool Pleasure Beach to enjoy an afternoon showing of Wallace and Gromit’s Musical Marvels. The show took place in the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena and Spike loved our journey to the Area as she got to see the rollercoasters and hear all the sounds of the Pleasure Beach.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena

We headed to the show a little early to get to our seats. The arena was easy to find, with the box office area featuring a little refreshments area, a few souvenirs and an area selling programmes and kids activity packs. What made it more exciting was the fact that Wallace and Gromit were there to meet us!

Wallace and Gromit photo shoot

There was an area within the box office to get your photos with Wallace and Gromit. Unfortunately Spike is terrified of things like that so wouldn’t;t get her photo taken. As it was mainly other kids who were getting there’s done I thought it was best to leave it myself – even though I didn’t want to!

The setup

The show took place within the Ice Rink area of the Arena. With a foldaway chair set up where the ice rink usually is looking over towards the stage. In front of the stage there was a big screen hanging down to show the animated parts of the show. While the chairs weren’t the comfiest it meant we could see the orchestra and the big screen really well. Much better than when you are in arena seating around the sides. Sat a few rows from the front, we had a great spot to see everything.

Wallace and Gromit’s Musical Marvels

The show began with a bit of set up. What you are led to believe is the conductor, Maestro Matthew, isn’t on stage and the screen shows someone waking him up and him rushing to get to the stage from backstage. Then he came running through the audience to get on stage. He was a staple part of the show and turned out to be a cellist rather than the conductor but he was also an actor. He was the presence of the stage, and he and the orchestra complimented each so much. He had a great stage presence.

The new short

The newest, 30 year anniversary footage of Wallace and Gromit was just as funny as the previous. It played homage to the shorts of the past and the characters were as perfect as they always have been. Or should I say Gromit was. Gromit always was the ‘voice’ of reason, which is apt as he doesn’t have a voice. He saves the day again and the result is brilliant. The orchestra and the short took around 45 mins, and Spike was starting to get restless just as the interval started.

The Wrong Trousers

After a short interval, the orchestra came back and we were treated to a showing of the half hour classic The Wrong Trousers. Spike hasn’t ever seen any Wallace and Gromit and she was pretty impressed. She loved the scenes I know and love so well from my childhood like when Gromit gets a face full of jam and the train ride. The enter way through the orchestra picked up the music from the film but they were so amazing there was nothing missed from the movie I know and love.

The orchestra

As I say, the orchestra was amazing and throughout they played amazingly. All the while they were wearing outfits like Aardman characters or something which represented the movies. There were men with cheese hats, sheep, a Feathers McGraw and more. Spike absolutely loved that they were dressed ‘all funny’ and I thought it made the show so much fun!

The Musical Marvels tour

The Musical Marvels tour is still on and is on its way to a load of towns. Take a look at the website here to find out if its heading to a town near you.