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Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate – win a Lindt Chocolate Bear advent calendar

Say what you like about all the different types of advent calendar out there, but I think chocolate ones are the best. None of these gin advent calendars, or beauty boxes for me. Chocolate first thing on a morning brightens up my December. If you feel the same, WOW FreeStuff has a competition to win a £10 Lindt Chocolate Bear advent Calendar of your own! Read on to find out more!

Chocolate advent calendars

Obviously traditional advent calendars were pieces of card, with the story of Christmas told in small sections behind each door. Or reusable fabric calendars with a small gift in each pocket. The idea of an advent calendar is to count down to Christmas Day. Though commercialisation has resulted in many going through to New Years Eve in recent years, I don’t feel thats right. I love the idea of having none-gift advent calendars, but chocolate ones were what we got when we were younger and there was always something naughty about having chocolate before breakfast! That is why as I’ve grown older I stuck by the chocolate advent calendars!

Other types of advent calendars

Very recently there have been all kids of advent calendars on the market ranging from lego to gin to make up and more. These just don’t do anything for me because they seem like too big a gift. These are the things that you get come Christmas Day. So much more than a cheeky bit of chocolate on the way out the door to work! Do you agree?

Win a Lindt Chocolate Bear Advent Calendar worth £10

Every Christmas I try and find that extra special chocolate advent calendar. I love the ones that build up excitement by offering that touch more on Christmas Eve and the Lindt Chocolate Bear is perfect! WOW FreeStuff have a competition to win one of ten Lindt Chocolate Bear advent calendars running right now, until November 24th and if you want to enter, head over to their website now!*

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