Chomping on Ah-At – A Matchstick Monkey review

Chomping on ah-at a matchstick monkey review readaraptor hatchling blog title Spike has all but finished teething. However I did notice a few weeks ago an increase in her biting her clothes. And trying to take a chunks outta my leg. So I thought a teething toy might do the trick. She’s a little old for the baby toys these days but I think the sophisticated Matchstick Monkey’s might do the trick. Thankfully her new green ‘Ah-At’ has done the trick nicely.


Communication is key for us

With her being a little older, Spike can now tell me whats up more. However she doesn’t always do this, option for crying or being a genuine monster instead. If I think teething is an issue I will ask her and sometimes she’ll say yes and others she’ll just carry on crying. Our new matchstick monkey has given me the chance to ask if she needs it, put gel on it and tell her to chomp down on it because it’ll help and it really does!


The benefits of Matchstick Monkey

The monkey, known as ‘ah-at’ to Spike, has a really well designed head which is flat with ridges on the back. This bit is perfect for putting gel on for a child to really get the gel where it needs to go. This is especially true in Spike’s case as she can direct it really well using the monkey’s arms. She loves that monkey makes its way to her sore spots fast and she has release from the pain quickly!

The arms are a massive plus point for use too as Spike loves to hold things by their hands and arms and play with them as if they are people. The fact monkey has strong arms that can withhold dancing around the room is a must! And the strength of Matchstick Monkey is fantastic!

Spike obviously has fully grown baby teeth now and they are sharp. She has proper little vampire fangs which hurt and can tear through nearly anything. Except Matchstick Monkey! It’s so durable. I know that Spike could do anything with it and it wouldn’t rip or leave bits in her mouth that she could swallow!


Our teething journey continues

Like I say, Spike pretty much has all her teeth now. I think there are still a couple of molars under the surface waiting to pop out. But other than that she’s good. However her teeth still bother her. I think having a toy around that she knows she can just chew on whenever she needs to helps her as much as it helps me. Now she’s older its the perfect teether for her!


*Disclaimer: We were sent a Matchstick Monkey for review. All opinions are our own.