Christmas and New Year

Christmas with a 2 year old – lots of squeals and tantrums

So Christmas 2017 is over. I’m back in work and there’s only New Year left to tackle now before all the goals and fresh starts begin. I have high hopes for 2018 but thats for another post. Today I want to talk about Christmas with a 2 year old.

Friends playing at a Christmas Party

If you have older kids this might sound familiar. If younger, then you may like to know what’s in store. Our Christmas celebrations started on Wednesday 20th December when we braved Manchester Christmas Markets with Spike. This wasn’t as horrific as it could have been and was mostly a lovely day. I was off work on the Friday and decided to drop Spike off at Nursery as I did the Christmas food shop. Again, all went to plan and I got everything organised quite quickly. Friday lunch time I picked Spike up from nursery early to go to her friends. I walked in and she was screeching, jumping around the room about ‘Going to a party at her friends’. That was the start, and it didnt end for another 5 days!

Christmas Eve SpikeThe ‘party’ was a get together of me and 2 mummy friends with our kids. It wasn’t a big thing and they just played and ate and we chilled as best we could and chatted! It was lovely, but because she didn’t nap, Spike was ratty all evening. She just wanted to open the presents that I said had to wait until Christmas day, and it was a bit of a nightmare. What’s more, I was alone as t was on his works Christmas party! Saturday was uneventful but Sunday, Christmas Eve, was a bit crazy. Spike again hadn’t napped, and we spent the day at my Mother In Laws where spike got all her presents from her Grandma. With two toddlers and an excited 9 year old, it was all a bit much and again, there was no nap. We did the usual traditions on Christmas Eve when we got home but alas, Santa didn’t get a mince pie nor Rudolph a carrot here, as Spike fell asleep before she could put them out!

Building a Grimms Wooden Rainbow from Babipur

Christmas Day was lovely. She woke us up around 7am and got to work opening some presents. There was a brief pause for some milk and between each toy she just wanted to play. However we got there eventually and after a lot of screeching there was a bit of balance bike ride session in the back yard.

The excitement of having a Christmas sponsored by Babi Pur and a couple of bits from the Disney Shop meant that we had a very tired girl on our hands and by the miracle of Christmas I got her to nap on the sofa while I made lunch in peace! After that we had a bit of whingey Spike as we ate tea but she cheered up a bit in the afternoon and evening and just enjoyed playing! Christmas Dinner miraculously worked well and I didn’t give the family food poisoning – though I guess it would have been difficult to give Spike food poisoning as she didn’t eat a single scrap of it!

Christmas Dinner Boxing Day was spent at my parents house with the extended family and it was a lovely day. Spike got a bit shy but other than that enjoyed seeing everyone and the third day of gifts! However the day after was spent with an exceptionally grumpy child. Honestly, me and T wanted to leave her at the side of the road on the way home. It obviously all got too much after almost a week of excitement and she was the worst she has ever been. Boxing day night she didn’t sleep, and kept me and T up. As soon as breakfast was over she was screaming for chocolate, and all day was spent saying “I want something. I want something.” I hoped a nap would help but it made things worse and we ended up leaving my parents early because of her mood.

Christmas Dinner with a 2 year oldChristmas with a 2 year old is hectic, includes a lot of excited screeching, chocolate and tantrums. They don’t understand the concept of ‘no chocolate until after lunch’ or ‘don’t open that present’ They just know that there are lots of lights, lots of chocolate and lots of presents. They think a magical person called Santa is on his way with lots of gifts. I honestly think that the tantrums are a by-product of this time of year due to the confusion. You have relative after relative saying ‘its christmas, have chocolate!’ or ‘Santa won’t come if you are naughty… but here have this present anyway!’ – its confusing as hell for a child! And that’s probably why its both the best and the worst time of year when you are a parent.

Of course, all is forgiven when I look at this picture of her clutching Woody and Jesse so tight. How yours was a good one and look forward to seeing what your new year has in store!