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Making Christmas Extra Personal with Aura Print – Eco friendly gift tag Review

I know that reusable wrapping fabrics are the best way to be eco friendly at Christmas. However, there is something magical about watching kids rip the wrapping paper off presents which makes it difficult for me to go down that route!

Instead, I go down the route of trying to be as eco friendly as possible, using eco tape rather than sellotape, and recycled wrapping paper, or at least recyclable wrapping paper. I do this all year – not just at Christmas. So that I know that at least the wrapping on our gifts to Spike’s school friends can be recycled after her friends have opened them.

Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Tags

In recent years I couldn’t find any cute gift tags that were recyclable, or recycled so I took to just writing names on the present itself rather than adding tags. But it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing for sure. Especially when you have the writing of a 5 year old like I do. I’ve been on the lookout for some eco friendly christmas gift tags for ages and thankfully I have found them this year. Whats more, Aura Print allow you to design them yourself, or have the option to choose from some gorgeous designs too. They offer the chance for recycled and recyclable tags too, so you know they have come from great stock and are able to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Our Eco Friendly Christmas Tag Design

I chose a gorgeous Christmas Tree design for our tags and I am over the moon with how they have arrived. Printed on recycled kraft paper, they have a beautiful christmas tree pattern and the text “Wishing you a Merry Christmas With a Gift” message and space for me to write a “for” and “from”. They have a gold string attached which will goes so well with my white and red candy cane wrapping paper. I absolutely love them, especially as I can see the quality of them as soon as I pick one up. The thick kraft paper feels and looks special and the print is so cute.

Designing your own Gift Tags

Bespoke designs for Christmas gift tags or cards may not sound easy, but they really area with Aura Print. They offer the chance for you to send your own completed design in, or brief them with a design of your choice. You can really make your gifts personal with any design you want. You can also choose from so many options as to the material you want to use, the cut of the gift tag and the string provided to attached it to the present. You can laminate some of the options, and even change the shapes so they are more unusual than your standard gift tags. Its all done via a customisation tool at the time of order and cant taken a matter of seconds should you have a good idea of the style of tag you want. They also offer the chance to design your own pack of printed Christmas cards which was tempting too, a personalised message from our family to all our friends and family would have been great!

Making Christmas Extra Special

I love that these gift tags have offered me a way of making the gifts to our friends and family more personal, without impacting the environment too much. They are fantastic quality and offer the perfect finishing touch to the gifts I’ve started wrapping. I think Spike’s best friends will be super excited when they see these gifts on Saturday when we see them, and Spike will love writing her name on the tags too. The card allows easy writing options, so there is no faffifng with the pen trying to get it to work on laminated card, which is a must for when kids are involved!

Discover more with Aura Print

With next day delivery options available, there’s still plenty of time to get your tags ordered! Like I mentioned, there are options for Christmas cards as well, and business cards too. I need to update my blog business cards in the new year – its on my to do list – and I love the idea of creating a Kraft business card that’s eco friendly rather than a laminated on. I’ve never considered using a service like Aura Print for Christmas gifts before but it adds an extra touch to your gifts which will not go unnoticed, and is a great way for a business to personalise gifts to their workers too. Discover all the options available at Aura Print online today.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article with Aura Print, however all opinions on the products are my own