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My Christmas Wishlist – A last minute gift guide for mummy or daddy

My Christmas Wishlist blog title With so many of us putting so much effort into our kids’ Christmas presents in the last month, it’s easy to forget about our partners. We want the perfect Christmas, but with just over a week to go, you better have remembered your loved one!

I have really struggled this year with knowing what I want from friends and family. My mind has been full of making Christmas dinner for the family and ensuring Spike’s Christmas runs smoothly. When it came to her I was sorted a fair few weeks ago. Yet I know T still hasn’t managed to get me much! I thought I’d share a few ideas in case you are still leaving for your loved ones.. and in case he’s still looking!

Klean Kanteen

First thing I thought about for Christmas for myself was a Klean Kanteen  from Babipur. I have bought most of Spike’s Christmas gifts from this online store as their toy range is amazing. I’ve fancied a Klean Kanteen for a while but I wasn’t sure I would use it much. Then I realised that they would be perfect for the long days out. I am trying to drink more water and it would save me money if I could just take it out with me. I also thought it would be perfect for coffee on the way to work, or soup for work. Babipur are still taking orders for Christmas Delivery with their priority service!

Theatre tickets

Me and T took a trip down to London last month to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Its something we are talking about doing more often, maybe once or twice a year. But it is expensive. Theatre tickets for our next trip would be the perfect Christmas pressie for me though, and I wouldn’t care about the wait for the actual trip either. Or something sooner for our closer theatres like The Lowry or Preston Guild Hall. Plus, it doesn’t matter so much if you haven’t bought these already as usually the tickets arrive really close to the show. Make an IOU up and stick it in a card for Christmas Day!

A personalised hamper

I am a sucker for gifts that mean not a lot to anyone else. I still maintain that the nicest thing T has ever done was turn up on my doorstep within the first 6 months of being together with a huge bar of Cadbury Dream. I love white chocolate and the fact that he knew that and went on a search for something that at the time was pretty hard to get hold of (for some reason I can only usually find it at Christmas! Anyway, think of all the things your partner loves the most, food, drink or comfort wise and stick them all into a nice hamper, it will go down a treat I’m certain of it! Mine at this time of year would contain a Dream Bar, a bottle of cider, some Shloer, a cheese board and the latest book from one of my favourite authors!

A really good board Game

A couple of years ago T surprised me at Christmas with the Pointless Board Game. I was amazed that he thought to buy it (I love the TV show) and we’ve played it a few times since. We love the feeling of a relaxing night in with a board game and keep saying we want more. The evening before my Best Friends wedding we sat in and played Last Night on Earth and we’ve enjoyed Ticket to Ride Europe at a friends before too. I really would love to add to our board game collection and less known ones like that would be the perfect way to do it. They are pretty available on Amazon for Delivery before Christmas now too, so go see if theres anything you could enjoy with your loved one this Christmas!

I hope this has helped you think of a couple of things that you might not have done for your loved one this Christmas. And lets hope I get something amazing from mine. Though a night off might do the trick too!