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Confidence building at its best – Why I wish I’d found my street dance team sooner

A year ago I took the plunge and joined a street team class. This took a lot of doing for me. As I got into my late 20s I lost a lot of the confidence I used to have. In the past few years my confidence has been as low as it ever has been. I didn’t want to put myself into any new situation around others. However I pushed myself to throw myself into this class for a number of reasons 

Getting fitter for my health 

As Spike grew older I realised how unfit I was. I’d run after her down the street, or chase her in the park and get out of breath. I’d need to slow down more than I should of at 30. And that number also played a factor. I was about to turn 30 and I really hated the idea. I knew as I got older it would be harder to do anything about my health and fitness. 

Doing something I would love 

The problem with getting healthy though was I’d find something to do. Couch to 5k, fitness apps, yoga etc it was all fun at first. But the novelty would wear off quick. I am terrible for allowing myself to have ‘one day off’ and then never go back to it. I needed to find something I’d love doing. So much I would want to do it. Not just feel like I had to. 

Finding a street dance class 

I’ve always loved dancing but have never done it. I’m a kitchen dancer. A dance when no one is watching kinda girl. I love movies like Save The Last Dance and thought that kind of class would be awesome. It would be fun, not to serious and would burn some calories. Thankfully with a dance school just round the corner I didn’t have to look far to find a class. 

Anxiety kicking in 

Then came the anxiety…. the ‘I can’t go into a room with a bunch of strangers’ feeling. I had been stalking the Facebook of my local dance school for months, maybe even years. But had never even contacted them. I’d seen countless posts about their Thursday Street Dance for Beginners adults class. And around May time they were pushing it more as the class needed fresh faces. But self confidence was lost and I just carried on scrolling. 

Trying to push the anxiety away

I took a plunge and messaged them last June about the class prices. Then when they replied I bottled it and didn’t respond. I figured I’d be a bit crap and would be better off finding videos to do at home…. I tried some on YouTube and couldn’t follow them. I needed to see it being done in front of me and have the chance to ask for repeat showings of where feet were meant to go and things like that. 

Forcing myself to go to a class 

I messaged again to double check if you had to book on to the classes. It was a Tuesday and they replied saying it was pay as you go. No obligation to come back. I felt sick for two days. Then thought about it rationally. I figured if i went and hated itwas crap at itdidn’t like the people there, it was an hour of my life. After that hour I didn’t have to go back. Shaking, I drove myself to the school and walked in. 

Being welcomed like an old friend

The dance teacher welcomed me instantly. Started the class and kept an eye on me to make sure I was ok. She had just the right balance of attention on me and away from me. I loved it. She also had a great class who, while regulars and friends, weren’t clicky and spoke to me like I was a new friend to their group. They were the best I could have asked for and I loved every second of the class. 

Carry on dancing

I went back, congratulating myself for getting through each week. Each week I made myself speak to the others and be part of the group. They had welcomed me and I wanted to be as friendly back. I felt amazing after the first few classes and that feeling grew each week. 

Moving into the Street Team 

A few of the girls in the class were part of the Schools Street Dance Mums Team and started showing me some of the moves from the routine. I loved it instantly and wanted to be a part of it. After their competition in November, when they got 1st place, I asked about joining them. And again, was told I’d be more than welcome! So started my Hot Mommas journey. 

My awesome Street Team 

This weekend we have another competition. It’ll be my first, but also my last. I am scared and excited all in one and I wish more than anything that I had the confidence to go for this sooner and be part of it for longer. It’s my first time doing anything like this in my life and as I’ve always been a bit crap at sports, it’s totally out of my comfort zone. But I don’t care because I love doing it and that, after all, is the main thing. 

Missing out on future competitions 

As I say, this weekend’s competition will be my first and last. With the house move on the horizon I am going to be too far to travel back for our weekly sessions. And I cannot find an adult street team, or class, in Lancaster. I’m gutted because I love it so much. Though even if I could find a team, I’m not sure the girls on it would be as awesome and lovely as the ones here have been! I will miss them madly when I stop going. 

Developing confidence 

The other reason I wished I start sooner though is the confidence it has given me. The more I’ve been going to Street though the more my confidence has grown and I can feel it in other areas of my life too. I feel more confident at work and more focussed – maybe as a result of being fitter. I’ve lost half a stone, which isn’t a great deal but I can feel I’m fitter and can see I’m more toned than I once was. Im going to make myself keep this confidence when we move and have already worked out which classes I can do when I get settled. Fingers crossed in the meantime that confidence doesn’t get blown!