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Crunching leaves, wrapping up warm and stumbling on awesome adventures – why I love Autumn

For the past few weekends we have had very little on. Its been a bit like the calm before the storm. As soon as December begins we are here, there and everywhere because of various different Christmas events and plans. November has been exactly what we needed because we’ve spent true time together. We’ve built snowmen out of rainbows, had our first taste of hot chocolate and crunched through as many leaves as possible. Its made me remember why I love Autumn so much. And I thought I’d share the things I love with you all today.

Spike beautifully merging into the colourful leaves on the village green at my mothers house Crunching leaves on Autumn walks

For some reason I think we spend more time exploring outdoors in Autumn. I think its because it’s so beautiful! The leaves, the wildlife and the low sun. Also, you don’t have to worry about the sun and suncream etc in Autumn like you do Summer. It’s warm enough to wear a coat but not have to wrap up in a million layers like in Winter. And it’s not as wet as it is in Spring. We spend a lot of time at our local parks and nature reserves in Autumn. Or take to the area around our house. We’re fortunate to live near a river walk which is a great escape from the four walls when we have no other plans. And my mum’s house is in a picturesque village, though I didn’t think so when I grew up there, so we have a nice backdrop there which is quiet and easy for Spike to run around.

Spending time indoors without the cabin fever

Spending time indoors in Autumn is different to winter. In winter you know there is no alternative. It comes with cabin fever that is hard to shake. In autumn you know the outside is right there and its easy to go and explore if you want to. We can walk to the shop, grab some baking bits and pieces, come back and bake. Then run off the sugar in the back yard. It’s great!

Stumbling upon awesome events

Happily walking with her balloon from Santa's elves There are always fun things to do in Autumn if you know where to look. In our area especially! There are wildlife walks at nature reserves. Amazing light displays in nearby cities. Halloween parties, firework displays and lantern festivals are also close at hand. There are so many things going on in October and November near us, its hard to know what to do! This year we had to choose between Todmorden Lantern Festival and the Trafford Centre Christmas Parade because they were on the same day! We opted for the Trafford Centre as it was a day time event and Spike had a busy day at her friends the next day! This weekend just gone we went for a walk to a nearby country park and stumbled upon a second Christmas Parade, where Spike got given a balloon by one of Santa’s Elves! I mean, how amazing is that?!

See the sun rise, the moon rise and even catch a glimpse of Mars!

Spike loves Space. She wants to visit one day. She loves pointing out the moon and talks about the colour of the sky as the sun rises. She only gets to see this stuff during Spring and Autumn because in the summer she’s in bed when it happens, and in the winter she’s inside most of the time! Last week when we got home from work you could even see Mars in the sky. Spike was so excited to know that the tiny reddish dot in the sky was Mars! She was bouncing around the backyard!

Watch her grow and learn

There's nothing like tasting your first cup of hot chocolateThis is the time of year when things slow down and I can actually breath. There is not as much ‘busy’ going on. I work for a holiday park company and there is more going on in summer than any other time. I can leave it all at work and not worry as much at this time of year. I’ve spent more time in the last month or so talking to and playing with Spike and its been amazing. These long chilly days where we can snuggle and keep warm by dancing around the room and singing along to Moana are amazing!

What’s your favourite thing to do in Autumn with your kids? I’d love to know!